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Hail To The Chief

Hail to the Chief: The Presidential Anthem of the United States

Hail to the Chief is a musical piece that is played to honor the president of the United States at many public events. It is also played at inauguration ceremonies and state funerals for former presidents. The song is based on a Scottish melody and was adapted by James Sanderson in 1812. It has been associated with the presidency since 1815, when it was used to celebrate George Washington and the end of the War of 1812.

The lyrics of the song are taken from a poem by Sir Walter Scott called The Lady of the Lake, which was published in 1810. The poem tells the story of a clan leader named Roderick Dhu, who is welcomed by his followers with the words "Hail to the Chief". The poem was very popular in Britain and America, and was adapted into several plays and operas.


The song is usually preceded by four ruffles and flourishes, which are short fanfares played by drums and bugles. This is a traditional way of announcing the arrival of a high-ranking official in the military. The song is performed by the United States Marine Band or other military ensembles, as directed by the United States Department of Defense.

The song is not only a symbol of respect for the president, but also a reminder of the history and traditions of the nation. It reflects the influence of Scottish culture on American identity, as well as the role of the president as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The song is also a source of inspiration for many patriotic songs, such as The Star-Spangled Banner and Battle Hymn of the Republic.

To learn more about Hail to the Chief, you can watch some videos that show how it is played at different occasions, such as [this one] that features the U.S. Presidential Anthem, or [this one] that shows how it is played at a state funeral. You can also listen to [this version] performed by the U.S. Army Band.


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