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Get Truck Simulator : Ultimate APK for Android - Version 1.1.7 - No Ads

This is a super-realistic world-traveling simulation truck driving mobile game. It uses super-realistic 3D graphics performance. Players can switch the angle of view when controlling a large truck. The first-person view in the car is a completely real driving experience. The external perspective is like a normal 3d racing game, bringing you an exciting driving experience. You can experience the joy of traveling around the world in the truck simulator game.

truck simulator ultimate 1.1 7 apk download

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Truck Simulator: Ultimate Mod is a simulation game combining tycoon elements, first released in a truck driving game. Start your own company, become a boss. Towards the goal of becoming the largest transportation company in the world. A series of tasks of a boss for you to perform. Hire employees, upgrade facilities at the company. Manage personal working time to arrange work accordingly. Also, get to drive in a realistic simulator provided by publisher Zuuks Games. Background, routes, missions, and many other activities during the driving process. You can directly take on the role of a truck driver to experience an extremely realistic ride.


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