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A healing song to support YOU to GROUND!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Feeling ungrounded, overwhelmed, lightheaded, dizzy…. wobbly on your feet… with the energies of our current times pushing us to shift, release, grow to raise our frequency and consciousness so quickly- in addition to our Earth Changes, you are not alone! This Celestial Resonance Living Language of Light Transmission is a perfect way to support yourself to GROUND!! It will alleviate many of these symptoms and so much more.

This recording is LIVE AND UNPLUGGED (no editing and no musically support) - bought through during a healing session in an ancient forest in Australia, during 2010. It has been supporting people ever since to ground during extra big power portals and initiations. ENJOY

If you are new to Kyrona's Healing Song please review the listening instructions here.

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