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VIDEO: Initiate the Power of Your Inner Dragon - Healing Song

The "Dragon Power" Transmission

Kyrona shares with you this must-have Healing Song, it's a light language tool for your healing collection! You can experience it for FREE by watching the exclusive video below! And you can purchase your own MP3 copy HERE.

This intense, strong & potent language of light transmission weaves within it healing frequencies, keys, and codes that support you to initiate, embody and master consciously working with the power of your inner dragon!

Listening to this transmission will assist you to purify the power center, refine your ego, connect more deeply into your heart & divine will, to embody more light, to hold your light in any situation, to protect yourself against energetic density or projection - while on a physical level supporting you to rejuvenate and nurture your glands, to energies and strengthen every level of your being and more! Discovering your own inner dragon, or even your outer energetic dragon, and learning how to utilise this aspect of yourself is so very empowering - this transmission will support you with this magical quest!

Watch the Dragon Power Video

* Please ensure you are in a quiet space and will be uninterrupted for the next 6 minutes & be sure to actively ground after listening. If you want more details please review these Listening Recommendations.

How to make the most of this language of light healing tool

You are encouraged to journey with this language of light transmission 2 times daily for at least 7 days or until you feel you have really integrated its frequency. It is best if you are new to Kyrona's light language, to work with this transmission by itself until it is integrated. After this time, you can listen to the transmission as guided.

BUY THE "DRAGON POWER" MP3 for your healing tools collection now!

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