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A Healthy Vagina = A Happier YOU; synk review

What every 'Vulva Owner' should know! Synk is 5-star heaven!

synk, healthy vagina

Ok my friends... this is one of those topics most do not wish to talk about! But I have to say I have been telling all my friends about this incredible Australian product range for well over a year now! It is great for everyone, my 14yo loves the fem-wash, however, if you are in Peri-Menopause OR Menopause it is extra beneficial!

Using Step One through Step Three (below) has been a total game changer for me. I cannot describe how much more comfortable I am in the Vulvovaginal region! I have always been super sensitive to any soaps in that part of my body. But 'peri' was creating a lot of itchy, dry, interesting fluctuating scents and more!

Of course, all these challenges are very common for women going through huge hormonal changes. And I can state with 100% honesty that the Fem-Wash and the Not-Just-A-Fem-Cream have totally eradicated the discomforts and allowed me to be not only comfortable but confident, happy, and youthful in all the right Vulva ways!

How I wish I had this when I was a young woman! Certainly, it's not just for us mature women. Giving extra attention and care to our Vulva makes us Happier there is no doubt!

synk, healthy vagina

So if you are a 'Vulva Owner' or love a 'Vulva Owner' this is a must try product, that honestly has become a part of my life! I will never go back to the way things were before 'synk'!

Check out the Synk range Here or keep reading for more details:-

The Fem-Wash by synk (Step 1)

synk, healthy vagina

fem-wash | vulva + facial friendly 👌

(A light, mild, soothing & calming formulation)

Australia's 1st science-led formulation naturally-based organic fem-wash.

Your vulvovaginal flora (vulva/vag) is made up of good and bad bacteria, just like your gut bacteria. pH BALANCE loss is the cause to most vulvovaginal annoyances.

Glycerin-free (prevents unwanted yeast production & infections).

Not-Just-A-Fem-Mist (Step 2)

synk, healthy vagina

not-just-a-fem-mist | Vulva - face - crotch - arse - spray friendly

For those bees on the go, SYNK balancing + soothing mist is a god-send. 🙏

Travel-friendly, it instantly refreshes, cools and soothes your lady-bits when you're on the go.

Say "bye-bye" to that waft of unusual odour.

For daily use, during your period, after a gym, sex, poo-sesh - friendly fresh vibes!

Personally, I buy the refills and reuse the spray bottles, its more cost-effective and better for the planet. I don't use this as often as Setp 1 and 3.

Not-Just-A-Fem-Cream (Step 3 - my favorite!!)

synk, healthy vagina

not-just-a-fem-cream | two size options: 15mL tube or 40mL pump bottle | vulva + facial friendly 👌

This is not an "old" woman cream or sexy time lubricant. 👵🏼 Plant-based + organic ingredients. No fragrance & cruelty-free.

Anti-irritation & nourishing properties. Give you a sweet relief whether your discomfort is caused by post-shaving rash, post-laser, bikini, wax-sesh, dryness, humid weather, chubby thigh rub, itchy boobs/nips/arse, irritation or skin chafing. High in anti-oxidants & Omega 6+9.

Hope you appreciated this review! Do leave comments if you are inspired to purchase and what your experience if you do!

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