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Why The December Solstice 2022 Is So Important? Tips & TOOLS To Make The Most Of It!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Why this years' December Solstice 2022 is RARE, powerful & vitally important! Sharing wisdom, tips & support to help you attune and make the most if it!

In this article, I am sharing with you really important and empowering information to support you to make the most of this vitally important RARE SOLSTICE - so that you can prepare for 2023! As we move through this solar gateway moment on 21st/22nd December (depending on your location), we are gaining access to the most powerful light codes ever available to Earth (coming only for a short period of time every 26,000 years) - and with the Sun entering Capricorn this year, you have the OPPORTUNITY TO CO-CREATE LIKE NEVER BEFORE - by consciously engaging this energy, by ceremonially working with it, we will be informing /seeding our clear intentions for 2023 with more effectiveness than you can even imagine. Get excited and enjoy all the tools I offer you here which include: -

In this article I will offer you insights into;

  1. WHAT is the December Solstice- the science/astrology?

  2. WHY is it so important to align with – especially now? The JUICY DETAILS!

  3. HOW you can consciously work with this energy & supportive CELESTIAL RESONANCE light language healing tools & GREAT TIPS!

But firstly – a quick overview!

Solstice translates as ‘stand still’ of the Sun, a solstice occurs when the sun’s zenith is at its furthest point from the equator. Solstice is exact for at least three days and is nearly exact for almost three weeks.

The December Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the Winter Solstice & in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the Summer Solstice!

Doorways or thresholds into the mysteries are more easily accessed during Solstices, especially when we consciously engage this Celestial Flow. This is why solstice is such a powerful time for doing ceremonial activation’s at sacred sites or anywhere you happen to be.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: We are at the turning of a great astrological age, one of the ways we know this is that the Summer/ Winter Solstice Sun is rising on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge. This rare placement of the rising Solstice Sun only occurs during a brief period of time every 26,000 years ( we are believed to be in the centre of this time, at the most potent aperture of this STARGATE alignment right now!).

WHY is this such a big deal? In short, these rare December Solstice Sunrises on the Galactic Cross open a potent stargate, directly connecting to the Great Central Sun, through which our Sun transmits starry ascension codes directly from source down upon us, supporting our re-calibration, and our rapid enlightenment process!

The December Solstice was celebrated by many ancient cultures who understood its power and importance. At this turning of the Ages – we are called once more to align with this very important timing/cycle, to go into sacred ritual, in order to facilitate the healing of ourselves and our world!



Book Your December Solstice Ceremony ACCESS A MASTERY INITIATION & LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION SESSION WITH KYRONA - facilitated on 21st/22nd December (as the Solstice Stargate Window is fully open) - this session will support you to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of this event, to catapult your growth & evolution! See testimonials from participants of past events.


1. WHAT is Solstice?

This year December Solstice falls on the 21st/22nd December depending on where you live (CLICK HERE to view time in your city).

The Sun is our seasonal metronome ( a Metronome is that device used by musicians to mark time at a selected rate). For us, our sun marks time via the four primary Solar Gates located at the Solstice and Equinox points. These Solar Gates mark the beginning and end of our seasons and many other important energetic shifts!

On December Summer/Winter Solstice (Summer for Southern Hemisphere & Winter for Northern Hemisphere), the sun moves into the constellation of Capricorn. It is also interesting to note that from our perspective here on Earth, as it rises & sets, that it reaches its furthermost position out along our horizon on this day, before beginning to move back in the opposite direction.

Due to the tilt in our Earth’s axis of rotation, throughout the calendar year, the Sun appears to rise and fall in different regions of the sky. This is not of course due to the Sun moving, but due to the Earth moving relative to the Sun. A solstice occurs when the sun’s zenith is at its furthest point from the equator. During the December Solstice, it reaches its southernmost point and the Earth’s South Pole tilts directly towards the sun, at about 23.5 degrees.

The December Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is called the ‘Summer Solstice‘ – this marks the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere (daylight hours). As we commenced our journey from the last Winter Solstice we have been energised from Sun in our Heart through to the Divine Heart of all creation. We now reach the peak of growth – and it is a time of celebration for all. As the days post-Summer Solstice become shorter, it is a time of inner reflection/review as we move toward the next cycle.

The December Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is called the ‘Winter Solstice‘ – this marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (daylight hours). It is a time of inner reflection, turning to the Sun within, our solar selves. It is a time to gain strength from within, and get ready to embark on the new journey as our days of daylight get longer beyond the Winter Solstice and we are being energised from within.

Ancient cultures understood the importance of these gateways and aligned with them through ceremonial intent, building monuments in stone to capture these seasonal gates in the Sun’s rising and setting points (think stone henge).

Why is the Sun so important to us?

The Sun is our source of light, life, energy, and health. Sunlight gives us vitamin D and helps our body with other important functions. Without the sun we would not continue to sustain life on earth!

Did you realise that sunlight also helps to attune (or entrain) our bodies to the light frequencies of planetary ascension?

Let me explain…

So the first thing to understand is that our Sun is a huge star and as such, it emanates starlight out into our solar system! Our Sun’s starlight carries its own starry codes that help to activate the area of the sky it is passing through. At this time the Sun has the ability to help us calibrate our own frequency to the higher frequencies becoming available to us (thus all the Solar Flares). This CALIBRATION IMPERATIVE is especially powerful during a Solstice Stand Still as it concentrates the star energy from that part of the sky & through the open ‘stargate to heaven/source’ for several days.

So it is well worth attuning to this celestial flow, for the divine dispensation shared with us at this time can help with healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues when harnessed. For this reason, connecting to the Solstice Sun in a sacred ceremony is powerfully supportive of your enlightenment, healing and evolution!

Why is the December Solstice 2022 so RARE, and solstices the most potent in 26,000 years right now?

Well here you go... for 144 out of every 26,000 years – we experience the birthing of a new galactic year – which is the full cycle of our Solar System around Alcyone, the brightest star/sun in the constellation of the Pleiades.

We are at the turning of a Great Age right now – it is a truly incredible time to be alive!

One of the ways we know that we are in such a potent time is that the Summer/Winter Solstice Sun is rising on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge. Such Solstice Alignments on the Galactic Cross occur about every 26,000 years and last for at least 72 years – as that is how long it takes the Sun to move 1 degree through the backdrop of the stars.

Leading astrologers have suggested that using the 72-year window this shift began in 1962 and ends in 2030. When considering an entire 26,000 year Great Year of time – it is, however, reasonable to consider a period of time that equates to the sun rising one degree on either side of the exact centre point of the galactic cross. By this measure, we create a 144-year window, 72 years on either side of the exact alignment point. The exact centre point was calculated by astronomer John Muess as occurring in 1998. Using this calculation when we calculate 72 years before and after – the window began in 1926 and lasts until 2070.

"In the big scheme of things - regardless of the exact dates of this Grand Cross Solstice convergence, what YOU need to know is that the Turning of the Ages, as shown by the Solstice Sun rising on the Galactic Cross, is a VITAL EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS created by the divine hand of source. And in this moment of the December Solstice 2022 we are near the exact center point of this Turning of the Ages process - so the STARGATE is open to its widest aperture! We are being 'LIGHT' up by starry ascension codes like never before! "Kyrona

So it is that at this magical time in our evolution the December Solstice Sun acts as a doorway to the incoming energies, illuminating and opening the stargate/portal to other realms and dimensions as it rises, sets and tracks across the sky during the solstice time.

2. WHY is it vitally important to align with Celestial Flow of the December Solstice 2022 STARGATE power portal?

As a global healer and a Star Priestess, I am passionate about helping you to understand why it is so important to honour this December Solstice Stargage & to support you to align with it! So let me explain in simple terms for you why I know this activity is so vital…

Consciously aligning with the Celestial Flow of this June Solstice Stargate Power Portal (in fact all power portals) allows you to align your co-creative activities with the Divine Plan for your life and for humanity. Being aligned with Celestial Flow ensures that YOU are planting the seeds of your co-creative activities, at the optimum moments, in the right seasons of your life, to ensure their most efficient growth & an optimum harvest!

Thus aligning with Celestial Flow allows YOU to power up your healing, growth & co-creative activities – to supercharge their impact!

As you step more and more fully into higher levels of consciousness and reality – as you more fully realise within yourself the physical unification of ‘as above’ and ‘so below‘ – you come to understand the importance and power of embodying Cosmic Consciousness in your everyday life!

Through choosing to become aware of and move with the Celestial Flow or ‘ as above‘ your ability to co-create your life and reality magnifies exponentially!

This is why consciously choosing to align with Celestial Flow is not only wise, but I would go so far as to say VITAL to your growth & evolution as a soul, it is a HUGE key for achieving your destiny and purpose in this life!

I am passionate about supporting you to move in alignment with the celestial flow & become the greatest vision of yourself! Supporting you to become the most powerful co-creator you can be! Celestial Resonance is a profound tool for supporting you to do so, as are my services and workshops that incorporate and weave this technology! You can join me in Global Ceremony and big Energy Support this December Solstice- Go HERE to learn more and Join.

Bottom line, the Power Portal of The December Solstice 2022 STARGATE is profound and aligning with it provides you with a remarkable opportunity for expansion! It is a seasonal moment that at this time in the Earth’s evolution bathes YOU in a huge influx of starry ascension codes and energy to uplift and empower, to awaken YOU even more fully to higher levels of consciousness, to connect YOU more powerfully to your Soul Self! To MAGNIFY THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR CO-CREATIVE POWER!


3. Activities that will support you to make the most of this December Solstice Stargate Power Portal

There are of course many ways that you can bring ceremony into your life on this day! One way to engage a living ceremony around these events is to simply witness them with intention.

Similarly, you can call in sacred space, set up an altar, sing, drum etcetera. It isn't necessary to do anything, but sometimes doing these things can help us connect more deeply. Let your heart be your guide.

Just be very aware that this is an opportunity like no other - to be open to receive the light codes beaming our way from Galactic Center. For you...

  • It may be subtle.

  • It may reorient your whole perception of reality.

  • It may expand your Earthly and Galactic Consciousness and further activate whatever awakening is already happening for you.

  • It may feel like nothing you have ever felt before.

  • It may catapult you forward to an entirely new frequency & consciousness, to the realisation of co-creative magnificence!

This is about being open and receptive to the incoming heightened light energy.

With all this in mind, I want to ensure that you access all the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Tools I have to support you with making the most of this very special moment!

Below I list of amazing options that will all support you during this December Solstice 2021. I rate them in order of potency when it comes to the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Tools (please be aware all options are powerful and will support you greatly & they can be used in combination with great effect)!

1. STEP INTO MY GLOBAL EVENT - and be lit up!


Step into a Global Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Ceremony with me to support YOU to attune to this December Solstice Stargate, clear, integrate its energy and flow with its urgings.

You will experience a Star Temple Ceremony inclusive of energy work and Celestial Resonance will be central to the event. Emails of the MP3 downloads for music, ceremony and more will be forwarded to you. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE – YOU CAN JOIN ME

2. Download my 2022 Annual Free Gift to support your Alignment

This is a profound energy healing tool. While it will not be as potent as the actual Transmission from the above event, especially when the targetted energy work of the event is considered, it will support you! Go here to listen and download Now for FREE

3. OVER TO YOU Personal Ceremony and Other Activities During this December Solstice Stargate window you are encouraged to bring ceremony into your life! Whether or not you decide to attend my Global Event on the day, I encourage you to consider the following to help you energetically attune.

  1. Get out and view either Sunset/ Sunrise on the day of December Solstice!

  2. Visit HERE to see what date/time the December Solstice will occur for you and if you can see it. Try to be awake at this time to view or feel the energy & conduct ceremony as you are guided (it could be as simply as listening to the above light language).

  3. Gather in ceremony with others on this day to magnify the healing power of this event for yourself and our Earth! Being a part of the December Solstice Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Ceremony allows you to do just this, as you will be connecting with a soul group globally and sharing the energy through my Celestial Temple & the unified field!

I trust that with this information you will be inspired to consciously navigate this seasonal moment that at this time in the Earths’ evolution bathes YOU in a huge influx of starry ascension codes and energy to uplift and empower, to awaken YOU even more fully to higher levels of consciousness, to connect YOU more powerfully to your Soul Self! To MAGNIFY THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR CO-CREATIVE POWER!

Celestial Resonance Be Yours! Kyrona x

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