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Happy Feet = Happy Healthy Life! This is 'gold'!

Ok, my friends, A Happy Life, and Happy Walking requires Happy Feet!

Happy Feet for most of us over 50 (especially women) requires active foot care. It is all about comfort, and the quality of the support tools needed for anyone who wants blister-free, pain-free, long-distance walking. So I am about to share some 'gold' with you...

As a woman of 55, who has played a lot of hard court sports in my younger years and who nowadays (like so many women in peri-menopause) often has very achy feet/joints, especially in the nighttime, due to hormone changes and the inflammation associated with it, I have to take foot care very seriously - to ensure I can keep myself active and awe seeking!

In a recent article in my AWE SEEKER website, I shared details of my daily regime for maintaining healthy happy feet, and added extra tips for preparing for and recovery from big 'awe-seeking' walks in nature!

If you want to get out into nature more and/ir if you want to make your feet happier - I encourage you to check it out, it's full of amazing info that has taken me years to find and implement, for happy feet (as much as possible)!

Get inspired, discover tips and learn all about the tools in the below pictures HERE:-

(note my shop is still in development, as its a new site, but this article is good to go).

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