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Does how I listen to Celestial Resonance impact its effectiveness?

Question: ” Dear Kyrona, A small question: does whether I listen to Celestial Resonance with headphones or without make a difference?”

Kyrona Answers: Thankyou for your question, I feel there is no difference created by the medium upon which you listen to these transmissions (it could be headphones, cd player, mp3 player, speakers on your computer it doesn’t matter).

The most important thing is to connect to your heart and set the intent to be open to receive the frequencies that are weaved into your being from the Earth and Celestial Realms during each listening journey. Your intent will greatly support your healing and ascension experience.

Additionally creating a protected and sacred space with candles and crystals, though not essential, will greatly support integration of the frequencies. In the absence of candles and crystals simply use your intent and ask for the space you are listening in to be made protected and sacred – again intent.

Each of the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Healing Songs offered has these listening recommendations for you – offering Preparation and Completion Rituals that will greatly facilitate your experience.

The truth is that your experience will be guided by your essence, the technology weaved into these transmissions will ensure that you are indeed connected to the Earth and Cosmic Gridpoints you require in the moment in order to receive the frequencies, keys and codes that you are ready for in that moment. Each listening journey will offer access to new frequencies as your frequency increases and your soul journies back to oneness. It is a healing gift that keeps on giving eternally.

Thankyou for your question

, I know it will support others.

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