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Common lightbody symptoms due to astro energy & how to alleviate them.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

As the energy builds towards many powerful Astrological Power Portals (like Eclipses, Solstices or the 8:8 Lions Gate) you may well have been experience physical/mental/emotional symptoms as a result of the celestial energies pouring upon you building in intensity!

What I want you to know is that IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT not to be afraid if you are having symptoms OR to consider yourself ‘to be sick’!

Why? Because most your symptoms are lightbody or symptoms that arise when you are raising your frequency and shifting consciousness (aka ascension symptoms) and are transitory and going into fear/anxiety just makes the journey through these high energy moments more challenging.

Please know that if you are experiencing common symptoms like those listed here, you are simply clearing and embodying more light and you just need to support yourself appropriately. If you are really worried seek medical attention. However, I would recommend that you consider options for alleviating your symptoms (below) first!

Have you ever seen what marathon runners go through as they run their races OR do you remember what you went through when you birthed your children? Moving through power portals is no different – it’s often not a walk in the park that’s for sure!

The below lists have been created by drawing upon 20 years of knowledge and experience as a Healing Arts Practitioner – facilitating sessions with clients from all over the world. This list is not in any particular order.

The most common symptoms people are and will experience during any major power portal

a) Sleep disturbances; insomnia, night sweats, nightmares, big dreams with themes/lessons, waking up regularly, waking up feeling like you didn’t even go to bed etc.

b) Body aches, joint stiffness

c) Aching spine/stiff neck/aching bones

d) High levels of anxiety – nervous system overload

e) Having a racing mind, feeling like you can’t do things fast enough

f) Very ungrounded or having difficulty grounding

g) Vertigo (dizziness)

h) Nausea

i) Head Aches & weird feelings in /around the brain

j) Heart Palpitations and/or a feeling of your heart muscle being stretched, or someone sitting on your chest (you are going deeper into your heart & releasing)

k) Lung issues/coughs & colds not going away / aggravation of asthmatic symptoms (this is simply old grief releasing in most cases)

l) Stomach/Bowel disturbance

m) Your body not tolerating certain low-frequency foods/activities, that you usually can handle

n) Vision Challenges (your eyesight changing day to day, blurry, not so blurry (this is you shifting dimensionally and adjusting, be OK with it)

To alleviate the above symptoms I recommend the following: –

  • Make sure that you are taking a good quality multi-vitamin and colloidal mineral supplement. (Great activity to alleviate all symptoms)

  • Increase your Magnesium/Calcium intake. I believe Magnesium Oil is the very best delivery system and it can have amazing effects upon the majority of the above symptoms very quickly! (Great activity to alleviate a, b, c, d, e, j)

  • Remove as many stimulants from your diet as you can - yes this means cutting down/out caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, processed foods with lots of chemicals/preservatives. (Great activity to alleviate a, d, e, j, g, h, i, j,l)

  • Get more sleep and rest. (Great activity to alleviate a, d, e, j, g, h, i, j,l)

  • Meditate – this will support you to remain balanced and connected to flow. (Great activity to alleviate a, d, e, j, g, h, i, j,l)

  • Exercise – it's a vital tool for releasing pressure/energy build-up and toxins, it also supports grounding. (Great activity to alleviate a, d, e, j, g, h, i, j)

  • Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions– talk, cry, yell, laugh, jump up and down, punch a pillow. Let the emotions flow through and out of you without judgment, you are feeling them because they are releasing, let them out and return to balance. (Great activity to alleviate a, d, e, h, j,k,l)

  • Get out in nature, lie on the ground, call for the support of the elements and elementals! (Great activity to alleviate all symptoms)

  • Get into a saltwater bath or the ocean. If you don’t have a bath buy a salt scrub for your shower. (Great activity to alleviate all symptoms)

  • Choose to wear or work with the crystal kingdom. Certainly, I recommend that you have hematite crystal nearby at all times, wearing it is best! It is so supportive of your lightbody and grounds you! (Great activity to alleviate a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h & j)

  • WORK WITH CELESTIAL RESONANCE LIVING LIGHT LANGUAGE: Join in one of my Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Global Events. If you have had a Divine Blueprint Ceremony, work with your ‘Soul Song’ every day! If you have not had a ceremony work with my FREE GIFT of the Annual Celestial Attunement Transmission, review some of the free healing songs in my blog, OR better still the timely Celestial Attunement transmissions shared in the Patreon Community

  • Clear, Balance & Rejuvenate Your Chakras Daily! When you clear the density as it arises, you prevent imbalance and dis-ease from entering the physical!! If you do not have a process to work with, you can purchase my Chakra Clearing /Balancing & Rejuvenation Meditation HERE. (Great activity to alleviate all symptoms)

If needed be prepared to access extra support at this time from a professional; energy healing sessions such as the Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Sessions I offer, OR acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, homeopathy, counselling etc

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