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Mars & Venus Unite - calling in the Sacred Marriage!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Deep Transformation & Magic is in the air - calling you to embody the Sacred Marriage!

On the 12/13 July 2021 – there is a potent & divinely timed CLOSE MEETING of the planets Mars & Venus Sacred Union, in the Underworld, in the Sign of Leo (they will be close to the Moon and Venus will be at the 3rd Gate as the Evening Star)

This is a POTENT POWER PORTAL FOR HUMANITY – deep transformational magic is in the air – calling you to embody the Sacred Marriage within!

This alignment represents the sacred union between the Divine Feminine (Venus) and the Sacred Masculine (Mars). Many mythic stories have been created about the joining of Venus and Mars in this configuration in the evening sky – and for good reason!

In consciously attuning to & working with this celestial flow you have a profound opportunity to really fire up these vitally important Mars/Venus aspects of your Divine Blueprint – to really attune to your personal Divine Feminine Venus Archetype & your personal Sacred Masculine Mars Archetype to more fully own these energies within you & to find your own unique balance therein.

The ultimate goal of your connecting into your inner Masculine/Feminine expression is to create the INNER SACRED MARRIAGE, a marriage that blends our personal expressions of Venus & Mars, to produce inner wholeness. This inner wholeness is vitally important if you are to co-create authentic paths of partnership and relationship in your life.

In this article I will offer you insights into;

  1. WHY is it so important to align with this Mars-Venus Sacred Union Power Portal?

  2. More about this alignment & what it all means for you & what YOU NEED to know!

  3. HOW you can consciously work with this energy yourself? And some really GREAT HEALING & EMPOWERMENT TOOLS FOR YOU!

1.  WHY is it vitally important to align the Mars Venus Sacred Union power portal?

As an energy healer, astrologer and Star Priestess I am passionate about helping you to understand why it is so important to honour this Mars Conjunct Venus in the Underworld in Virgo energy & to support you to align with it!  So let me explain in simple terms for you why I know this activity is so vital…

Consciously aligning with the Celestial Flow of this Mars-Venus Sacred Union Power Portal (in fact all power portals) allows you to align your co-creative activities with the Divine Plan for your life and for humanity.  Being aligned with Celestial Flow ensures that YOU are moving with the divine plan for your life and our Earth's evolution.  That you are planting the seeds of your co-creative activities, at the optimum moments, in the right seasons of your life, to ensure their most efficient growth & an optimum harvest!

Thus aligning with Celestial Flow allows YOU to power up your healing, growth & co-creative activities - to supercharge their impact! 

As you step more and more fully into your 5th-dimensional consciousness and reality – as you more fully realise within yourself the physical unification of ‘as above’ and ‘so below‘ – you come to understand the importance and power of embodying Cosmic Consciousness in your everyday life!  Through choosing to become aware of and move with the Celestial Flow or ‘ as above‘ your ability to co-create your life and reality magnifies exponentially!

This is why consciously choosing to align with Celestial Flow is not only wise, but I would go so far as to say VITAL to your growth & evolution as a soul, it is a HUGE key for achieving your destiny and purpose in this life!  It is also VITAL for the successful completion of the transition of our Earth/Humanity into the new golden age of unity/cosmic consciousness!

I am passionate about supporting you to move in alignment with the celestial flow & become the greatest vision of yourself!  Supporting you to become the most powerful co-creator you can be, united with team light to birth our new world!  Celestial Resonance is a profound tool for supporting you to do so, as are my services and workshops that incorporate and weave this technology!

2. More about the Mars & Venus Sacred Union Astrological Alignment & what it means to you?

(Acknowledgment:  The following wisdom has been gathered from the sharings of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, of which I am a member and graduate, as well as my own experience and guidance.)

The divine timing of this alignment is BREATHTAKING!  Here is some insight into the unique energy of this 2021 alignment.  

The Moon is with Venus and Mars in Leo as they are joining in sacred union recognizing they are each whole and complete within themselves but together they can have so much more fun as equal partners. Venus and Mars (exact on July 13 within half a degree of each other meaning super close) are approaching the star Regulus and Venus is at the 3rd Chakra Gate where we have an opportunity to reclaim our power through reclaiming our divinity. When a planet passes Regulus it serves to magnify and transmit the energy of this heart star to all life on Earth. If you have a natal planet near this star (anything from 24 Leo to 6 Virgo) this applies to you personally as it relates to the intent of that planet. Regulus has the power to activate our heart knowing when we are willing to engage and embrace it. Additionally, this assists us in releasing and transforming whatever is buried in our subconscious when we are willing to explore this territory. With Regulus now at the Zero Virgo point, this star is deeply connecting to the sacred patterning of life, highlighting our role in restoring the essential pattern of love underlying all creation, so all life benefits.

3. How YOU can work consciously with this Mars and Venus Conjunction & make the most of it!

Below I list some amazing options, that will all support you during this Mars and Venus Conjunction. I rate them in order of potency when it comes to the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Tools (please be aware all options are powerful and will support you greatly & they can be used in combination with great effect)!

1. Join my Patreon Community and access a powerful Sacred Marriage Transmission Free

Become a Super-Star Member of my Patreon Community to access a free download of my Sacred Marriage Transmission, during this alignment!


Purchase the Sacred Marriage Transmission

Work with my potent, energetically magical ‘The Sacred Marriage Within’ Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Transmission– channeled during the Venus/Mars dance in 2015. This incredible healing tool will support you with revealing and embodying the Sacred Marriage within and without, for the rest of your life.

It is especially beneficial to work with it this month as Mars & Venus dance together in the heavens above!

2. Download my 2021 Annual Free Gift to support your Alignment

This is a profound energy healing tool. While it will not be as potent as the actual Sacred Marriage Transmission f it will support you! Go here to listen and download Now for FREE

3. OVER TO YOU Personal Ceremony and Other Activities

Be sure to get outside one night while these planets are dancing to view Mars and Venus in the sky together, it is stunning to see!

Ask yourself:-

  • How are the energies of the archetypal feminine and the archetypal masculine showing up for me?

  • Does one have a stronger voice than the other?

  • Are they working together harmoniously?

  • How committed am I to developing both feminine and masculine energy in their whole and sovereign expression within?

  • How might this sacred union within give me greater access to my own creative powers I haven‘t even yet imagined?

Then imagine: –

  • A fully empowered masculine Mars joining in sacred union with a fully empowered feminine Venus as they meet with the Sun to source new ways of relating.

  • Each is ready to meet the other in new ways with great love, respect, and recognition of the value each brings to further empower their conscious, co-creative union, establishing a new pattern of conscious relating that honors the gifts each brings.

I trust that with this information you will be inspired to consciously navigate this powerful and magical moment on Earth, maximising its incredible potential and minimising and challenges that arise for you!

Celestial Resonance Be Yours!

Kyrona x

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