The Sirius Solar Stargate 6 July 2021 - Wisdom, Free VIDEO Activation & more!

Through July and August each year, our Sun and the Royal Star Sirius dance together in the sky above! The annual conjunction of the Sun with Sirius at 14 Cancer this year occurs on the 5/6th July and it opens a PERFECT STARGATE TRIFECTA! This is a wonderful annual alignment not to be missed, it was celebrated in ritual and infrastructure by the Early Egyptians! And of course, those living in cosmic consciousness today!!

Every year this Sirius Solar Stargate opens the perfect stargate trifecta! This is why every year I naturally go into ceremony to attune to it and certainly for the last 10 years I have also facilitated global ceremonies during this moment! I am this year GO HERE TO LEARN MORE & JOIN IN!

In this article, I will share:-

  1. The dates and details of the 3 stargates occurring July-August

  2. Cool info about the Star Sirius and the Sun Sirius Stargate


  4. My Annual Global Sirius Solar Stargate Ceremony - why its amazing...

1. The dates & details of the 3 stargates occurring July-August

STARGATE #1 – this year on July 5/6 2021 we experience the first wave of this cycle as the Sun Conjunctes the Star Sirius – opening a portal or “a Super Solar Stargate” that will pour SUPER SOLAR STAR CODES for mastery & ascension down upon us directly from Sirius!

STARGATE # 2 – This will be followed on July 12/13th 2021 by the celestial timing of the Ancient Egyptian or Planetary New Year - heralded by the helical rise of Sirius (which means Sirius is now 7 degrees past the sun, so will emerge from the glow of the Sun and once more be seen in the morning sky – THIS BEING SAID it may be early August in some parts of Earth before Sirius will be seen). As the helical rise occurs another powerful portal begins to open. This will last for about 4 weeks. During this portal, a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is being transmitted to the Earth. This “wave” contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year.

STARGATE # 3 – This year the Sun enters Leo on 23rd July 2021 and we begin tuning into the final of the trifecta, the 8:8 Lions Gate power portal which peaks on 8/8/2021 and finishes when the sun goes into Virgo on 23rd August.

2. Cool info about the Star Sirius and the Sun Sirius Stargate

I have to say this annual celestial dance between the Sun & Sirius is and has always created one of my favourite times of the year!

The star SIRIUS (also known as the DOG Star) is the star of Christ Consciousness. Sirius has been significant to almost every ancient culture, certainly, there is a great deal of star lore connected to Sirius.

Sirius was the most important star in Egyptian cosmology because when it rose in the morning sky before the Sun it signaled the annual rise of the Nile River, a life-giving event for the Egyptians. Thus the Egyptian calendar system was based on this helical rising of Sirius.

Sirius’s celestial movement was also observed and revered by ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Babylonians, and countless other civilizations. The star was therefore considered sacred and its apparition in the sky was accompanied with feasts and celebrations.

The Dog Star Sirius heralded the coming of the sultriest period of summer, hence the popular term “the dog days of summer”. This period is said to span from approximately July 3 to August 11 every year. It was named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, and the Dog Days extend from 20 days before to 20 days after the annual Sun conjunction with Sirius.

Several occult researchers have claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in perfect alignment with the stars, especially Sirius. The light from these stars was said to be used in ceremonies of Egyptian Mysteries. I OF COURSE REMEMBER AND TOTALLY AGREE…

“This ancient people (Egyptians) knew that once every year the Parent Sun is in line with the Dog Star. Therefore, the Great Pyramid was so constructed that, at this sacred moment, the light of the Dog Star fell upon the square “Stone of God” at the upper end of the Great Gallery, descending upon the head of the high priest, who received the Super Solar Force and sought through his own perfected Solar Body to transmit to other Initiates this added stimulation for the evolution of their Godhood.
This then was the purpose of the “`Stone of God,’ whereon in the Ritual, Osiris sits to bestow upon him (the illuminate) the crown or celestial light.” “North and South of that crown is love,” proclaims an Egyptian hymn. “And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt, the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High.” Marshall Adams, The Book of the Master

Whenever planets are with Sirius (which is one of Behenian or Sacred Stars ) – the ancient alchemists believed this was the best time to make amulets, talismans, and potions or to activate ceremonial intentions. Thus it is a very powerful time for such activities when the Sun & Sirius are together at this time of the year. This is why the programming of a Talisman for the upcoming year is a very important part of the Sacred Star Temple Ritual I will facilitate in this event.