The 2021 March Equinox – What? Why? How? Support!

ALIGN with the MAGIC of the March Equinox Power Portal - it's vitally important and hugely beneficial!

At March Equinox the doorways to other dimensions OPEN – providing YOU with the ability to powerfully connect to the celestial realms and celestial beings in ways that benefit YOU and our Earth that are simply magical! The March Equinox is a seasonal moment that holds the energy of balance and unification and bathes YOU in a huge influx of energy to uplift and empower, to awaken YOU even more fully to higher levels of consciousness, to connect YOU more powerfully to your Authentic Self!

Equinox was celebrated by many ancient cultures who understood it’s power and importance. At this the turning of the Ages – we are called once more align with this very important timing/cycle, to go into sacred ritual, in order to facilitate the healing of ourselves and our world!

THIS YEAR the SUN at zero Aries will be conjunct THE HEALER ‘CHIRON’ at 8 Aries – bringing potent transformative healing to our inner warrior – supporting us to realise more balance in our internal/external reality as we continue our personal efforts to restore the cosmic order. This healing may come through the release of karmic wounds or current life wounding. While concurrently bringing potent download of new light codes via the Sun/Chiron to support us to further embody the new evolved ‘warrior of love’ archetype so needed in our world at this time. It is also conjunct Venus at 28 Pisces, offering deep nurturing, compassion and healing to this process.

In this article I will offer you insights into;

  1. WHAT is Equinox – the science/astrology?

  2. WHY is it so important to align with?

  3. HOW you can consciously work with this energy? And some GREAT TOOLS!

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1. WHAT is Equinox?

Equinox means ” equal ” days and nights.

The March Equinox is celebrated when the Sun moves into Aries and crosses the Vernal Equinox point in the sky. At this time there is usually a 2-day window during which the Equinox Sun makes a direct path over the Equator, creating the equal balance of Day and Night in both hemispheres of the Earth.

Equinoxes are opposite on either side of the equator, so the March equinox is:-

  • the Autumnal (fall) Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (where people are bringing their energy inward, in preparation for the rest ahead) and,

  • the Spring (vernal) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (where people are preparing for their rebirths, as they awaken from their winter sleep).

During Equinox days the radiant energy from the Sun pours directly over the equator, lessening the usual strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field of the Earth moves clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere creating a spiralling magnetic effect. And twice each year, during the Equinox window, as the Sun passes over the equator the magnetic energies of both hemispheres decrease and are measured at their lowest potency!

This means for about 24 hours before and after the exact Equinox point, inter-dimensional doorways are flung open! With these doorways open it is much easier to connect with other dimensions of reality, in order to tap into and energise otherworldly wisdom & magic that can holistically benefit the individual and our Earth. This is one of the important reasons Equinox is such a powerful gateway for ascension into higher levels of consciousness.

Another reason the energy of Equinox provides us with a peak ascension moment, is that at this doorway moment we experience a time of unity, equal day & night, a merging of feminine & masculine energy, a merging of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, an opportunity to unify duality within our selves and our society.