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8th November 2022 Taurus Lunar Eclipse - gift!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Hi family, I have a very very special and potent sharing with you today for this Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (completing the final eclipse season for this year)!

FOR 3 DAYS ONLY - I AM GIVING YOU ACCESS TO A FULL GALACTIC SHAMANIC HEALING CEREMONY, shared with my patrons on Patreon (It is very rare for me to do this, but this energy is huge and this year has been challenging, so this is my gift to you for journeying with me).

Todays eclipse is at 16 Taurus. As can be seen from the chart shown - it is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, opposite the Sun/Venus and Mercury in Scorpio and all SQUARING SATURN.

To say the energy is AWE INSPIRING AND MASSIVE is true, it is asking you 'whats working, whats not and what are you going to do about it?' when it comes to being grounded, experiencing pleasure and joy from your human journey as often as possible. This is the request of this eclipse, it is all about the death of what no longer serves, of what is draining you of your life force and joy, physically, mentally, spiritually - and a rebirthing of new more aligned, joyful ways of being. It has been a tough eclipse cauldron, so much shadow dancing within us all and around us... to allow us to gain the clarity we need, to see, to experience - what is ready of to be resigned, burned away, let go, or transformed. So today I share this very special Galactic Shamanic Journey, which does dive deeply my friends, it will assist you to now only anchor the frequencies, keys and codes, but to align with them in your own life. You inform as much as you are informed and sacred ceremony around this potent full moon eclipse will indeed be very very far-reaching in its effects, so do take the time to engage.

Please take 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to experience this journey (only available till 11th of November). Be sure to ground and rest, to nurture yourself afterward. If you need any further assistance, dont hesitate to book a healing session with me via my shop!

My heart to yours, my soul to yours Kyrona

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