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Chiron in Aries 2018-2026: Wisdom & Top 5 Tips & Celestial Resonance Attunement!

Chiron fully entered ARIES on 18th February 2019, his call to arms was "Let us create justice & liberty for all NOW!"

For the first time since the 1960's it's time for potent and profound shamanic healing of the Warrior Archetype! At the beginning of this new era, the warrior within each of us and the expression of the warrior in the world is evolving ! Aries is transforming to its new 5D archetype as the "Warrior of Peace" with a non-violent noble commitment to causes that restore justice and the common good. We are healing our wounds around the experience of injustice and the personal toll of standing up for things we believe in.

In this Chiron in Aries cycle we will be taking the training wheels off, healing whatever is needed within ourselves/communities and learning new ways, in order to BE warriors of peace, united in kinship, committed to the cause of healing our Earth. We will be reclaiming our voices, our personal/collective power, our sovereignty, to bring a world out of balance, back into balance once more, to create justice & liberty for all, to restore the cosmic order of things! IT IS TIME!

Chiron the wounded healer has moved on from watery mystical service orientated Pisces where he was for 8 years (since 2010-2018), for the new frontier of Aries where he will be for 9 years (until 2027). Aries the warrior, the seeker of justice, the protector of the cosmic order of things, brings fire, energy, passion and action to the process of healing and transformation. A huge energetic shift is upon us, we are called to action!

"As you attune to this energy, expect renewed passion, energy and a willingness to stand up and be counted in relation to causes dear to you - it's time to BRAVE THE WILDERNESS. Also expect to become aware of any imbalances/ wounds and patterns within relating to your inner warrior. Expect to see/ feel/ experience how these may be holding you back from BEing authentic and vulnerable, maintaining your sovereignty and exercising your personal power in our world. Know that this energy offers you (all humanity) an incredible and divinely timed opportunity to heal & evolve! Know that just as importantly, Chiron will be offering us new teachings/wisdom's/and processes that will better serve you and the collective. Through your personal journey - your opening to the inner Warrior of Peace, you will also be facilitating healing and growth within your family, your community and our world. Together we will be greatly supported to unite, to take action and co-create justice, liberty, structures and systems that serve the common good sustainable solutions that ensure the survival of all life on our beautiful Earth! We will move powerfully and peacefully to restore the Cosmic Order of things - AND IT IS SO!" Kyrona, 9 April 2018

Topics in this article:-

1. Important dates to note.

2. About Chiron and Aries.

2. What Chiron journeying through Aries means to YOU & our world?

3. My Top 5 Tips to flow with this energy!

4. A POTENT Chiron in Aries Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Attunement (Healing Song)

5. Inspiration for Chiron in Aries (don't miss these gems!)

1. Chiron in Aries dates to note

Chiron enters Aries April 17/18, 2018

Chiron Rx enters Pisces Sept 25/26, 2018

Chiron enters Aries Feb 18/19, 2019

Chiron enters Taurus June 19/20, 2026

Chiron Rx enters Aries Sept 17/18, 2026

Chiron enters Taurus April 14/15, 2027

Chiron was not discovered until 1977, and the last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968 - this means this is the first experience we have consciously had of Chiron in Aries.

2. Firstly a little about Chiron and the constellation of Aries.

Chiron is classified as a minor planet in the outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, it is also often referred to as a centaur. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Chiron's position in our divine blueprint - identifies the wounding we came into this life to heal & through healing this wound, the gifts we can then share with the world.

Chiron takes approximately 50 years to move around our Earth (your Divine Blueprint), so initiations are rare in a lifetime. Without a doubt, we are profoundly impacted by the energy of Chiron, individually and collectively. As Chiron moves around our Earth he sends shamanic healing frequencies down upon us, as well as wisdom teachings. This is especially powerful for individuals if they are being directly initiated by him through connections to their divine blueprint. During Chiron initiations, we often find we are faced with the experience of seeing/experiencing/knowing our wounds, in order that we may bring healing to them and be liberated.

The key is to view our Chiron wounding as being an absolutely normal condition of human life, it is our aspect of the collection of normal wounds that people can experience. With this identified we acknowledge what happened to us (past and present life), accept that we went through that, and own that we can now digest the experience and assimilate it. then see that as a result of transforming these wounds we now hold a healing elixir that we can share with the world.

Aries is a fire sign and a householder sign. It is fast, active, spontaneous, playful and strives to be the best at what they do. Aries represents the Warrior Archetype, those who uphold the cosmic order and fight for justice, the common good - making this their noble cause. They are protectors and in service to the family, community, culture, world. They are 100% committed to their cause/service, they thrive on their mission and purpose statement. They are goal orientated and active, they turn up and do what is needed to get the job done. They have an unswerving belief that they can get the job done and while very capable of doing it solo, they enjoy & benefit from uniting in kinship and action for a common cause.

At this the great turning point of a 26000-year cycle (the birthing of a new golden age or era for humanity), many of the standard narratives and old ways of serving the culture, no longer work. There is an essential shift from violent action, from war to more 5d practices. As a result, Aries is transforming, to the warrior of peace. He is exploring non-violence as a way of protecting and is embracing a noble commitment to peace.

What may this look like? Well you could consider Gandhi’s actional version of non-violence, he was strong, clear and revolutionary, he was utilising a confronting version of non-violence, calling out the bad behaviour, injustice, demanding change. In a more contemporary example, consider the unification of large groups of people marching for causes close to their hearts, stepping up and taking all sorts of dedicated action in relation to causes they are passionate about, be it; marriage equality, black lives matter, women's rights and protections, global warming and other environmental issues. Individuals and groups committed to exercising their democratic rights peacefully, forcefully, actively, in order to co-create change, to seek justice, to protect, for the common good of all.

This transformation / healing, will be a key aspect of Chiron's journey through Aries. The soil has been tilled and seed planted with Uranus' Journey through Aries (2011-May 15th 2018) and Venus' Aries Wild Warrior of Love Cycle (March 31, 2017 - October 31, 2018). We have been seeing/healing our wounds around owning our Divine Feminine Warrior energy, we have been re-claiming our personal power to be seen/heard/act to co-create change as needed. We have been receiving insights into where we are out of balance, we have been the revolutionaries for much-needed change... my friends for the past 7 years we have had our practice wheels on, but as Chiron journeys through Aries we are going to graduate. Graduate as warriors of peace, committed to the cause of healing our Earth, reclaiming our voices, our personal/collective power, our sovereignty, to bring a world out of balance, back into balance once more, to restore the cosmic order of things.

3. What Chiron journeying through Aries means to YOU & our world?

Aries is the warrior, the seeker of justice, the protector of the cosmic order of things. He brings fire, energy, passion and action to the process of healing and transformation. His move into Aries brings with it a energetic shift is upon YOU, you will be called to action!

The intent to hold & master "A shift to the Warrior of Peace"

As I have just mentioned above Aries is currently undergoing a great transformation, to become the warrior of peace. He is exploring non-violence as a way of protecting, he is embracing a noble commitment to peace. And this is going to be a huge focus of the next 9 years with Chiron in Aries!

This means that YOU (all humanity) are being faced with a huge opportunity to really open to this new way of interacting with others - lets face it the old shadow way of duality, of black and white, them/us, stand with me or against me, I am right and you are wrong, my God is true yours is false, has not and is not serving us! Furthermore taking an eye for an eye, seeking revenge, violence and warring to gain power/prove yourself right is not working either...

So the challenge and opportunity of Chiron in Aries is to set a new intention, to really consciously focus on healing blocks/resistance within to becoming warriors of peace, focus on healing the wounds of injustice within and focus on learning new ways that you/we can effectively hold the energy of 'the strong peaceful warrior' within, how you/we can act and effect change by holding this energy, in order to restore balance, restore justice and liberty FOR ALL.

And yes with Chiron in Aries you/we will be healing this duality in active ways! You will be standing strong for that which you wish to create. Like the children taking a stand about gun violence in the USA 'Marching for their lives" standing united for peace and life (not against violence) AND the women standing marching for equality or ENOUGH, calling BS on men's behaviours, saying strongly individually/collectively its not ok #metoo movement. There is more to come - Chiron in Aries is driving us towards a new world order, a new way of being and doing!

Identify a cause close to your heart and bring your attention/energy to it?

As you attune to this incoming energy, expect renewed passion, energy and a willingness to stand up and be counted in relation to causes your really care about.

It is no longer feasible or comfortable to lie low, to keep your thoughts to yourself in order to not rock the boat, to be apathetic. Any blocks/wounds holding you back will be seen/felt & with your conscious attention healed (Chiron will support this). You will be called to dig deep, be courageous, to learn new ways, to step up and act, to Brave The Wilderness if necessary, to be the change you wish to see in our world. Your loved ones, your family, humanity, our Earth - need you!

The "DOING ADDICTION" comes under the microscope

Aries is known for moving fast, for action, for doing... in a world where most are time poor and overworked, there is an imbalance between work/life/spirit/play which is creating many challenges for health and overall wellbeing.

Chiron in Aries will also bring wisdom teachings and healings to address this addiction/issue. If you are someone who is operating at burn-out, if you feel guilty if you don't get all your chores done, if your action list is so long you can never relax, if you feel too guilty to stop play & rejuvenate.... use this energy to bring balance back into your world.

Ask Chiron to guide and support you, he is bringing healing and wisdom to assist all to return to more wholistic, sustainable ways of being. He is supported by Uranus who moved into Taurus in 2018 also, adding inspired ideas and revolutionary ways to the topics of being grounded, receiving pleasure, seeing beauty, connecting with others, being playful. Watch the space, tune in, work with it! The rewards will be many!

Some will be personally on the front line of this Chiron in Aries Journey

As Chiron moves into and through Aries over the next 9 years, he will be initiating those with personal planets/points in the signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer (the householder signs)! If this is YOU it is really important be aware of the dates & nature of the personal initiations and divine timings you will be experiencing, because it will enable to consciously attune to them, flow with them, make the most of them and avoid unnecessary struggle.

You can find out what, if any, Chiron Initiations you are having during this time by having a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing with me (where I will look at your current transits/initiations and give insights + energetic support), or, you may see an astrologer to gain the details. Note if you are turning 50 this year or next - you are in your Chiron Return and it's really important to be aware of it!

4. My Top 5 Tips to flow with this energy!

Now to my tope 5 tips.... do be sure to read part 3 about what Chiron in Aries means to you above because it is the "why" to my top 5 tips.

  1. Get aware of any personal initiations you will be having with Chiron as he journeys through Aries. Note: one way you can find out what, if any, Chiron Initiations you are having during this time by having a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing with me .

  2. Access energy work and/or light language support to assist you to attune and flow with this huge energy, to assist you to really embody the "warrior of love/peace within" and reflect this into the world.

  3. Set clear intent as you move forward to not judge yourself or others in black and white terms. To avoid any "them and us" stances. Avoid dehumanising or demeaning communications. Be a warrior of peace - seek dialogue, seek a deeper understanding of the motivations of others, be prepared to 'agree to disagree' without judgement.

  4. When and/if confronted in your sphere of influence with injustice - set your intent to meet it without hesitation, to act strongly, with all the skill at your disposal in peaceful effective ways. Call BS, speak your truth, unite in groups and take action, write letters, sign petitions, create solutions, use your energetic manifestation/visioning gifts!

  5. Identify causes close to your heart and take action to energetically participate in being a part of the solution, to creating justice and liberty for all.

5. A Chiron in Aries Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Attunement (Healing Song)

This Chiron in Aries transmission was channelled on 18th April 2018, as Chiron entered Aries for the first time since 1968!

This truly intense and deeply transformational 8 minute galactic shamanic Celestial Resonance Song was channelled by Kyrona on 18th April 2018, as Chiron entered Aries for the first time since 1968!

The transmission is hugely profound and will support you over the 9 years of Chiron in Aries 2018 - 2026!

6. Inspiration for Chiron in Aries (don't miss these gems!)

A powerful quote from Sharon Salsberg - really exemplifies the gifts gained from Chirons journey through Pisces over the last 8 years and how we can use those with the energy of Chiron in Aries to move forward as Warriors of Peace.

Sometimes we think that to develop an open heart, to be truly loving and compassionate, means that we need to be passive, to allow others to abuse us, to smile and let anyone do what they want with us. Yet this is not what is meant by compassion, quite the contrary. Compassion is not at all weak, it is the strength that arises out of seeing the true nature of suffering in the world. Compassion allows us to bear witness to that suffering, whether it is in ourselves, or others, without fear. It allows us to meet injustice without hesitation, and to act strongly, with all the skill at our disposal. To develop this mind state of compassion is to learn to live, as the Buddha put it, with sympathy for all living beings, without exception

The poem "STILL I RISE" by Maya Angelou, is definately on point to inspire you during this celestial flow. I highly recommend you watch this video of her sharing the power of this piece (over 11 million views)! GO HERE

A must read or listen to book "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene Brown! This profound offering could be one on the best go-to user manuals for navigating the next 8 years of Chiron in Aries, applying the wisdom within will go a long way to ensuring we heal/transform our world!

Helen Reddy sings "I Am Woman" this is another favourite of mine! I love to sing it with my daughters at the top of our voices! So inspiring!

A song by MILLARION "Living in Fear" another great anthem for the journey of Chiron through Aries

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