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AQUARIUS FULL MOON - Light Code Activation

Full Moon at 12.35 am Brisbane Australia Time AEST, 12th August 2022@19 degrees, 21 minutes Aquarius!

See beyond 'your stuff' to the Big Picture & Embody the Highest Vision of your Soul this AQUARIUS FULL MOON!

As the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language on Earth, Kyrona is overjoyed to share with you this FREE GIFT  of a Celestial Resonance Light Code Activation with you.

You only need to listen to this potent 5-minute light code activation one time during the Aquarius Full Moon window (opening the day before the Aquarius Full Moon and closing the day after)  - to receive its full benefits!  It is OK for you to listen to it more than once, in fact, it is fantastic!

You are encouraged to not only experience the profound energy and DNA light code activation's gifted to you through the 5-minute LIGHT CODE ACTIVATION Transmission but to also choose to GET CONSCIOUS of the incredible energy and potential of the Aquarius Full Moon, to use its energy to bring more inspired perceptions, expansive/independent movement, humanitarian action, to open to radical radiant self-love, to embody your soul magnificence and shine your light for all to see (giving them permission to do the same).

"Whether or not you are a new visitor to OR new to the power of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language?  Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or an advanced spiritual seeker - I joyfully share this truly potent & empowering 5 minute light code activation.  I know will be perfect for YOU right now!  I send you bucket loads of love and starry sparkles this A

Aquarius Full Moon - ENJOY"


The AQUARIUS FULL MOON 'Light Code Activation'

Additional tools to light you up & inspire you this Full Moon!

1. Join my Patreon Community and access the MP3 of this Transmission Free & ongoing Monthly Support from Kyrona

I have just released a potent Shamanic Activation for todays full moon, to Patrons! As a patron YOU will be greatly facilitated to attune to and flow with the energies of each month, to grow, evolve, master, to realise your goals and step into your destiny.

Because as a patron you will benefit from Kyrona's timely video guidance and EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to life-enhancing Celestial Resonance Healing Songs in MP3 Download format. SAVE 10% on Kyrona's services & more!

The benefits are many, the energy exchange is achievable for all!

2. Download my 2022 Annual Free Gift to support your Alignment

This is a profound energy healing tool. While it will not be as potent as the actual Aquarius Full Moon it will support you during this 3-day power portal and beyond for the rest of the year.

Free Video Teaching - "The Power of Celestial Resonance"

If you want to understand the power of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language, how it affects you and how you can best utilise it & honour its energy in your daily life take 30 minutes to learn.

Discover how the current astrology is impacting you personally and receive a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing!

Receive a potent energetic attunement, timely activations, relevant supportive wisdom and astrological guidance. All Kyrona’s Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing sessions are conducted as distance healings – so no matter where you live in the world, regardless of your time-zone and the free time you have available – you can access healing with Kyrona. Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing® Sessions with Kyrona are transformational and facilitate change wherever it is needed in your life – QUICKLY!

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