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Part 19 - Venus Retrograde "The Metamorphosis"

Updated: Apr 21

Venus in Retrograde: We are in a magical moment of metamorphosis!

(Affecting you from July 22, 2023, to Sept 3, 2023)

RIGHT NOW - Venus in Retrograde at the end of her Capricorn Synodic Cycle is an initiatory window where a profound quantum leap can be made in our lives and in our world.

This is a period when Venus is at her greatest strength, she has been initiated into her full power, and she is moving from one state of being into a completely different state.

So this Venus Retrograde Window gives you time to prepare for a huge shift, to begin "tuning into the new focus of the Queen of Radical Radient Self Love" in other words its time to reflect on what you have gained in the last 584-day cycle as the Capricorn Wise Matriarch, and to plan your strategy for the new cycle about to begin. It's time to get clear on your commitments and priorities for the upcoming Leo cycle and to build your strength so you can be "all in" in the coming months!

In this article, I will offer guidance to assist you to make the most of this incredible moment in the Venus cycle.

1. Endings & Beginnings = METAMORPHOSIS

Venus is completing a Capricorn Cycle right now, which is to say that the Wise Matriarch Goddess, the divine feminine has been in a deep initiation for the past 19-months, calling us tap into the wise woman within. She has been supporting you as YOU strive (for yourself, your loved ones, and greater communities) to not only break down the old patriarchal structures that are unjust, unequal, take away our freedoms & personal powers, and are not respectful of our Earth ...BUT to begin rebuilding a new balanced society aligned with the principles of unity consciousness, love, equality, justice, respect for our Earth!

So in this time of METAMORPHOSIS, we embody our mastery of the energy of Capricorn"Wise Matriarch" to bring it to the new Meta Goddess Cycle of Leo, who calls us to show up and freely shine or love light within and without! Who calls us to realise that we can accomplish far more together celebrating the love of the divine within all life.

The focus of this retrograde motion is powerful indeed, THE GODDESS IS EXPERIENCING A COSMIC SHIFT!

So during this Venus Retrograde period, it’s a powerful time to align ourselves with what we want to create in our lives and world as we move forward. Indeed we can seed this in a very potent way (a way only possible once every 19 months!).

This retrograde phase is also a time when a lot of old habits and patterns that keep us stuck and hold us back from our full Divine Nature are coming into our awareness and are ready to be shifted and transmuted and healed.

As we move through the end of this Capricorn Cycle we are called to become aware of these patterns and hold them and ourselves in a softer way of love and compassion, rather than harsh judgments that keep us locked in these old patterns (which so often have originated from a point of judgment, shame, and blame).

2. KEY DATES of the Retrograde Metamorphosis

EXPAND TO VIEW: The standard flow of a Venus Retrograde Cycles

Venus stations retrograde on July 22nd, 2023 (28 Leo).

Venus disappears from the evening sky on August 6th, 2023.

Venus meets the Sun (conjunction = shamanic death) exactly on August 13th, 2023 (20 Leo).

Venus rises in the morning sky and starts its new Cycle as the Leo Queen, on August 19th, 2023 (17 Leo).

Venus moves direct on September 3rd, 2023 (12 Leo) and her metamorphosis is complete.

3. Activities to Wrap Up the Capricorn Cycle 'Wise Matriarch'

The Capricorn Meta-Goddess is fully accessible to us now, if we call on her and see where she has come alive in us over the past 19 months.

If you wish to really make the most of this transformational moment, here are some practices you can work with at this time.

This is a powerful way to anchor all the good work you have been doing for the past 19 months to anchor your strength.

And the healing that can occur in this window with these practices is POTENT.

  • Meditate or brainstorm to become clear on the old patterns and habits that are now holding you back from moving forward as lovingly and powerfully as possible.

  • List these and compassionately contemplate what you could do to begin to free yourself.

  • Now create a list of these actions, and keep them close by to allow yourself to remain focused and accountable, as you begin your healing journey.

  • Begin to contemplate the energy of the upcoming cycle and how you would like to utilise that incoming energy to empower your life.

3. Where to from here...

Access a potent Light Langauge Activation Ceremony to Attune to Venus at Metamorphosis.

Access a potent light language ceremony and activation to attune to Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Sun "The Metamorphosis".

Its time to Step Up As the “Queen of Radical Radiant Self-Love” That YOU Are…

I invite you to join me in something very special at this time….


It's Venus as the Meta-Goddess Leo INAUGURATION time!

On August 19/20th, as this new Cycle begins here in the Celestial Temple - we are going into EPIC, EMPOWERING, LOVE FUELED, FUN, MAGICAL CEREMONY to ensure YOU make the most of this moment & this upcoming cycle. I will be ensuring you fully attune to the cosmic shift of the Divine Feminine that is upon us, that you activate the DNA light codes you need to proceed & access the frequencies/keys & codes you need to navigate this new cycle brilliantly!

ACCESS AN INDIVIDUAL MASTERY INITIATION & LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION SESSION WITH ME ON THE DAY OF THE NEW VENUS IN LEO CYCLE STARTS – to support you to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of this new cycle, to flow with its urgings & to catapult your spiritual growth & open more fully to your destiny & purpose!

"I am so honoured to be able to facilitate this Global ‘VENUS INAUGURATION – STAR TEMPLE SACRED CEREMONY’ here at the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light during this huge, delicious Venus Power Portal. I am overjoyed to once more use my High Priestess Star Temple skills & the Technology/Support of the Celestial Temple to facilitate profound Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Event *LIKE NO OTHER BEFORE IT* during this truly PROFOUND moment!  I hope you feel the call to unite with others from across our beautiful Earth and usher in the higher octave of the Divine Feminine Expression within YOU and within our world! It is time to step into Radical Radiant Self Love and shine your love-light into the world brightly. Its time to realise and live with the knowing that we can accomplish far more together celebrating the love of the divine within all life!" Kyrona

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