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Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2043 - Free Light Language Attunement.

Kyrona offers a FREE GIFT of a potent Celestial Resonance Attunement to flow with this vital celestial event!

From March 2023 through March 2043, Pluto will traverse the sign of Aquarius!

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time since 1777 on 23rd March 2023! The energetic build-up to this shift was remarkable as Pluto completed its Capricorn sojourn that had changed our world (it will still pop in a couple of times up to Nov 2024).

The movement of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius is a big deal, a game changer, the birthing of a new era and a new generation. It is designed to empower an expanded cosmic view first of our world, internally and especially externally. It will be spotlighting the shadow expressions of idealism. At the same time also spotlighting what's in the way of seeing beyond our current limitations and freeing ourselves to be fully present, alive, authentic, and free in all areas of our lives.

You will be forced to contemplate; 'are your limitations imposed by you or created by others?' 'Are they real or perceived?'. 'Have you created unrealistic ideals that you are trying to live up to?' 'Are those ideals truly aligned with who you authentically are, or are they externally assigned to you?'

You will be called to elevate to see the big picture. To contemplate are there ways to move around your blocks or inauthentic ideals? Can they be removed, transformed, or eliminated? What’s real? - What’s not? What’s your part in it all??…

It's time to get really clear about what you seek to create. About how you can be freer… It's time to clear the roadblocks real or perceived. It is going to take honesty, internal work, surrender at times… It's time to trust, elevate and then open to allow brilliant ideas to enter, be seen, and be acted upon!

It’s big for everyone, especially those being personally initiated by Pluto at this time (like me - with Pluto on my Venus and Asc)! And of course, if it’s personal you want to know about it! Forewarned is forearmed!

Above all else, remember we chose this time, we embrace this time and the freedom it will deliver when engaged courageously

Be sure to support yourself with this energy, to attune to it and flow with it, with maximum grace, ease and effectiveness by working with my FREE GIFT of the Pluto in Aquarius Transmission.

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