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Saturn in Capricorn - Top 10 Tips & Light Language Attunement!

Saturn will be in tropical Capricorn from December 19th, 2017 until 2020. He will be in and out of the Goat’s sign during 2020, with his final egress scheduled for December 16th, 2020.

Saturn, Saturn in Capricorn, Capricorn

Topics in this article:-

A. About Saturn and its movement in the skies above B. About Capricorn C. What this Saturn in Capricorn Means to YOU! TOP TEN TIPS!! D. A Saturn in Capricorn Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Attunement (Healing Song) E. An inspiring quote about the potential of this moment for Humanity!

A. Firstly a little about Saturn & its movement in the skies above us:-

Saturn changes signs approximately every two and a half years.

Saturn takes about 30 years to circle through the entire zodiac (so this Celestial Flow only happens every 30 years). So this is a big deal, we are entering a new cycle and chapter individually and collectively.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so when it is moving through this sign, its energy is most potent and transformational.

Saturn is all about our physical reality, structures and forms. His initiations with our Divine Blueprint (Natal Chart) signal a maturation point, a time to look at whats working, whats not and decide what you intent to do about it, ultimately bringing in new more aligned forms.

Saturn is also known as the taskmaster, the timekeeper, the Lord of Karma and the Great teacher to name a few. Without Saturn we have no stability in life. He shows us both our structures, our boundaries and our limitations.

When we engage consciously with him, we can achieve great leaps forward in our physical reality and world.

B. Now a little about the sign of Capricorn

With my Venus in Capricorn, I have had much time to commune with the consciousness of Capricorn and contemplate its energy. As a result of this I can say that I resonate strongly with the Shamanic Astrology perspectives of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house and is concerned with the realms of Right Livelihood. Thus its field of influence is in relation to our public contribution (usually through work). Our status in the community and/or our reputation. Our aspirations and levels of achievement. Hierarchy based upon our wisdom and skills.

When fully operating at their highest octave, the Capricorn Tribe are the ancient wise ones, the wisdom holders (especially in relation to our connection to Mother Earth and how to live synergistically upon her - think indigenous wisdoms etc). They know how to create structures and communities who operate for the benefit of the whole. They now about ancient wisdom's, practices, rituals and ceremonies that preserve the Earths resources, support the Earth all all life to flourish and how to easily ensure this is passed forward for the next 7 generations. They know how to maintain balance in everyday life and how to efficiently and effectively administer their sphere of influence.

Historically at the birthing of the wisdom's of Capricorn to Earth - societal structures and hierarchies therein were Matriarchal. Leadership roles and attainment was founded upon wisdom, knowledge - particularly in the fields of how to guide and manage society/resources, in ways that honoured and benefited Gaia and all life on Earth equally. Over time, especially since the bronze age these ways have been increasingly lost and replaced by patriarchies, whose hierarchies were chosen by means of the most power/money/weapons. The Capricorn Tribe (especially with Saturn traversing it) are very focused on removing the unsustainable patriarchal structures and rebuilding new balanced honouring ones, that benefit all.

When out of balance and in the Shadow Expression of Capricorn, people can be overly focused on meeting cultural standards, stuck in old ways not wanting to evolve, stuck on the material things, have difficulty receiving, have issues with being a follower (stuck in leader/teacher mode), may find themselves overworking, being a perfectionist or being overly serious.

C. What this potent celestial flow means for you? My TOP TEN Tips:-

  1. Its time to take responsibility for all your creations.

  2. Take steps to be informed about the area of your divine blueprint where Capricorn resides and any Saturn initiations occurring during its time in Capricorn. With this information you can get very focused on flowing with its urgings (those who have done my Divine Blueprint Mastery Level 2 Workshop - use your ability to commune with Saturn and his initiations with your Divine Blueprint to get clear on what it is about for you and how you can flow with it most efficiently and effectively!). As an example; in my case, Saturn is journeying through my 12th house, so there is a key focus on my subconscious and how I serve the collective. During this time Saturn will be conjuncting my Venus - bringing a focus to my Divine Feminine Energy, my Grandmother energy, and how I serve the collective.

  3. Ask yourself what is working for you, what is not, and decide (or open to guidance) what you are going to do about it - in all areas of your life (especially those ruled by Capricorn).

  4. In particular direct attention to structures/forms, areas in your life that require compliance with rules and regulations, financials, your impact on the Earth (your footprint). Contemplate if you are being efficient and effective in these areas. Saturn and Capricorn will assist you greatly to co-create change, they will be the Grand Architects supporting you to bring forth new structures, foundations, practices that better serve you (and our Earth/all life).

  5. When you decide to change, make your actions SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-framed (Saturn will love this and support you greatly to achieve your goals).

  6. Do the work - this energy calls us to be grounded, practical, diligent, consistent, strong-willed and to operate honourably (ensuring we consider the needs of all, as we move forward).

  7. This celestial flow will require the continuation of the breakdown of the old, in order to make way for the new - so we can expect lots of change, expected and unexpected! So this does mean that you will have moments of discomfort, you will be challenged and stretched by change, or the need for change. So when these things are happening, know in your heart that everything is as it should be, you are on path - just determine if you need to act.

  8. REMEMBER always - you/we are doing this the new way. You are a powerful co-creator and you want to be reacting to change and creating the new in alignment with your values/frequency. So always stay grounded, take a moment to centre yourself and breathe, connect to your truth, choose peace, choose joy, choose love and align your creations with this.

  9. When you don't know the path forward, you can't get clear... listen to my Saturn in Capricorn light language transmission (more info below), attune to the celestial flow, attune to the Sun, and trust that you will be positioned where you are meant to be and that your path will present itself to you, layer by layer. Be prepared to see, to listen, to act when these moments arise. For you must put energy into your creations with Saturn in Capricorn, it is about you building your reality here and now in the physical. Materialising it if you will.

  10. Work with my potent Celestial Resonance Saturn in Capricorn Activation (Healing Song) BELOW! It will support you throughout this journey, especially at times of great intensity!

D. TO HELP YOU ATTUNE, REVEAL, RE-ALIGN, RE-ADJUST AND FLOW. A potent Saturn in Capricorn Light Language Activation!

This transmission will assist you to flow with this vitally important Celestial Timing - to attune to it & make the most of its potential (while minimising the challenges it will inevitably create).

This transmission is supported by the energy field of the Celestial Temple and its overseers, by the Consciousness of the Planetary Being Saturn, the Consciousness of the Constellation Capricorn and the Capricorn Tribe.

The potency of this transmission will never die & will continue to evolve as you do - whether or not Saturn is in Capricorn. So if you connect with this at any point it the future - especially if you are feeling a little lost or off-path it will greatly assist you. It will reconnect you to this time/space moment to receive more codes, more DNA light code activations and further clarity - to give you the impetus you need for forward movement! Such is the magic of Celestial Resonance.

Sharing a 90-second sample of this 6-minute transmission HERE

You may also benefit from my Saturn At Galactic Centre Transmission

TO HELP YOU ATTUNE, REVEAL, RE-ALIGN, RE-ADJUST AND SET THE TRAJECTORY OF THE NEXT 30 YEARS – I offer you this Saturn at Galactic Centre, Celestial Resonance Transmission.

Saturn at Galactic Centre urges us to make the decisions needed to truly alter the trajectory of our developmental paths. Saturn is all about making us take responsibility, calling us to see reality, to be grounded, to grow up, to create the foundations we need – spiritual bypass is not a wise choice in such times! The potency of this transmission will never die & will continue to evolve as you do. So if you connect with this at any point it the future – especially if you are feeling a little lost or off-path it will greatly assist you

Truly magic and miracles are possible when you consciously attune to this celestial flow (this transmission allows you to do that at any time) and use it to your benefit!!

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