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What you want to know about the June 10th, 2021 - New Moon Annular Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The 9/10th June, 2021 we will experience a New Moon Annualar TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Gemini (New Moon and Sun at 19 Gemini) this is the 2nd and final eclipse of the May/June eclipse season!

Solar Eclipses open incredible portals to the Great Above, allowing you the opportunity to consciously connect with what is hidden within, to release what is no longer needed & to uncover new possibilities. Prayer, ritual, ceremony & healings are especially meaningful and potent during these times. Eclipses always create a time of great internal & external intensity!

This Eclipse is extra potent and as it is conjunct Mercury Retrograde and the North Node (all in Gemini)1 - it is BIG ENERGY, sizzling, high octane, magical, and transformational my friends!

1. WHY is is vitally important to align with Celestial Flow of this Solar Eclipse power portal?

As a global healer and a Star Priestess, I am passionate about helping you to understand why it is so important to honour this Solar Eclipse & to support you to align with it! So let me explain in simple terms for you why I know this activity is so vital…

Consciously aligning with the Celestial Flow of this Solar Eclipse Power Portal (in fact all power portals) allows you to align your co-creative activities with the Divine Plan for your life and for humanity. Being aligned with Celestial Flow ensures that YOU are planting the seeds of your co-creative activities, at the optimum moments, in the right seasons of your life, to ensure their most efficient growth & an optimum harvest!

Thus aligning with Celestial Flow allows YOU to power up your healing, growth & co-creative activities – to supercharge their impact!

As you step more and more fully into higher levels of consciousness and reality – as you more fully realise within yourself the physical unification of ‘as above’ and ‘so below‘ – you come to understand the importance and power of embodying Cosmic Consciousness in your everyday life!

Through choosing to become aware of and move with the Celestial Flow or ‘ as above‘ your ability to co-create your life and reality magnifies exponentially!

This is why consciously choosing to align with Celestial Flow is not only wise, but I would go so far as to say VITAL to your growth & evolution as a soul, it is a HUGE key for achieving your destiny and purpose in this life!

I am passionate about supporting you to move in alignment with the celestial flow & become the greatest vision of yourself! Supporting you to become the most powerful co-creator you can be! Celestial Resonance is a profound tool for supporting you to do so, as are my services and workshops that incorporate and weave this technology! You can join me in Global Ceremony and big Energy Support this Eclipse - Go HERE to learn more and Join.

2. The energetic details of this 10th June 2021, New Moon Annular Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini & WHAT IT MEANS for YOU!

Whether partial or full, Solar Eclipses open incredible portals to the Great Above, allowing you the opportunity to consciously connect with what is hidden within, to release what is no longer needed & to uncover new possibilities. Eclipses always create a time of great internal & external intensity!

This Eclipse is extra potent and as it is conjunct Mercury Retrograde and the North Node (all in Gemini)1 - it is BIG ENERGY, sizzling, high octane, magical, and transformational my friends!

The Total Solar Eclipse on 9/10th June 2021 (depending on where you live) will occur as the New Moon and Sun are both at 19 degrees Gemini. They will be conjunct Mercury that is in retrograde and the North Node also in Gemini.

As a result of this unique energy, and the timing of all things Gemini at this moment, I feel this eclipse will really present an opportunity all to examine what we believe to be true and achievable in regards to our desires and dreams - both on an individual and collective level. It will call for us all to take time to re-evaluate what is fundamentally right for us, where others might have influenced us by projecting opinions that are not aligned or true. It is an opportunity to step up and speak our truth more fully moving forward, to own our dreams and create them. It will be beneficial as we traverse this process, to contemplate the question "Where have the lines between my desires and my dreams been disrespected? What are the things I want, versus the things that other people want for me? "

Solar eclipses happen when the New Moon casts a shadow on Earth. The Moon's shadow is not big enough to engulf the entire planet, so the shadow is always limited to a certain area. Solar eclipses are only visible from within the area where the shadow falls, and the closer you are to the center of the shadow's path, the bigger the eclipse looks.

Below is a picture that shows where this eclipse can be seen from in the world.

Annular Means Ring-Shaped - annular eclipses are named for their darkest, or maximum, point even if it only lasts less than a second. If the characteristic ring of fire is visible from even just one location, the whole eclipse is called an annular solar eclipse. Annular solar eclipses can only take place when it is New Moon. At the same time, the Moon is at (or very near) a lunar node, so the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are aligned in a straight (or nearly straight) line. And the Moon is near its farthest point from Earth, called apogee, so the outer edge of the Sun remains visible as a ring of sunlight.

This eclipse is not only connecting with our Global Soul with a big evolutionary objective, but it is also CONNECTING TO YOU in very personal & unique ways (as determined by your Divine Blueprint, which is the energy of your birth astrology that is weaved into your DNA).

You can learn about the time/date in your location of the time of this New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse by going here. Stepping into this Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation is a powerful way to support yourself and a powerful way to support our Earth during this vital Power Portal!

Without a doubt, this is the work of self-mastery my friends and conscious navigation will greatly support you. The key to successfully traversing this time will be conscious attunement, practicing sacred ritual/ceremony, and accessing spiritual healing as needed to facilitate the process.

You are a divine being, a divine co-creator weaving in our new reality & world. You are ‘who you have been waiting for’. At this time miraculous healing and transformation is indeed possible and to be expected!

So now let me explain how you can really support yourself enormously during this upcoming Power Portal by deciding to have a Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Session with me!

THEN I am going to ensure that you are aware of all the other wonderful ways you can choose to support yourself during this intense time…so KEEP READING!

3. How will you benefit from stepping into a Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Global Ceremony during this Solar Eclipse?

Having a Mastery Initiation Session offers you the opportunity to connect intimately and powerfully with this 10th June 2021, New Moon Annular Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini ascension portal. Supporting you to raise your frequency and consciousness and make an incredible evolutionary leap forward, in order to embody the next level of your self-mastery! Your session will support you to completely attune to the incoming frequencies, keys and codes pouring forth from the power portal. To surrender, release and open – in order to receive, anchor, integrate and fully benefit from the gifts being offered.

Just as importantly the session will support you to minimise the challenges that the energies may bring up for you. Your energy will be cleared to make way for the new. Your DNA light codes will be activated, your lightbody supported to stay balanced and brighten, in order to more fully activate your Merkabah. All, of course, with the over-riding intent of being in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all.

On the day of the session, you will also receive a recording of a Full Star Temple Ceremony including Celestial Resonance Living Light Language and the Solar Eclipse Transmission (taken from that ceremony), specifically channeled through during this portal to support you, as well as, a photograph of the Crystal Grid created on the day and more. You are encouraged to journey with these for the two weeks following the alignment to maximise the rewards of your efforts.

It is difficult to explain just how profound and powerful these experiences are in words – the best way to really know their potency is to step in and experience a SESSION for yourself!


4. Activities that will support you to make the most of this Solar Eclipse Power Portal

1. STEP INTO MY GLOBAL EVENT - and be lit up!

Kyrona will facilitate a Global Ceremony

(MILA) to support YOU to attune to this eclipse, clear, integrate its energy and flow with its urgings. You will experience a 30-minute energy session and Celestial Resonance will be central to the work. Emails of the MP3 downloads for music & ceremony.

NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE – YOU CAN JOIN ME Go here to learn more and get your ticket only AU$55!


2. Download my 2021 Annual Free Gift to support your Alignment

This is a profound energy healing tool. While it will not be as potent as the actual Transmission from the above event, especially when the targetted energy work of the event is considered, it will support you! Go here to listen and download Now for FREE


3. OVER TO YOU Personal Ceremony and Other Activities

During this Eclipse window you are encouraged to bring ceremony into your life! Whether or not you decide to attend my Global Event on the day, I encourage you to consider the following to help you energetically attune.

  1. Get out and view either Sunset/ Sunrise on the Actual solar eclipse on the day!

  2. Read my Prepare and Flow with the Eclipse Cauldron May/June 2021 article, its full of wisdom and tips! Here

  3. Visit HERE to see what date/time the Eclipse will occur for you and if you can see it. Try to be awake at this time to view or feel the energy & conduct ceremony as you are guided (it could be as simply as listening to the above light language).

  4. Gather in ceremony with others on this day to magnify the healing power of this event for yourself and our Earth! Being a part of the Eclipse Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Ceremony allows you to do just this, as you will be connecting with a soul group globally and sharing the energy through my Celestial Temple & the unified field!

I trust that with this information you will be inspired to consciously navigate this powerful and intense time on Earth, maximising its incredible potential and minimising and challenges that arise for you!

Celestial Resonance Be Yours!

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