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Part 5 "And the blind will see!.... that's me!"

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

On 21st of December 2005 in a surreal moment that I will never forget, I experienced a COMPLETE MIRACLE! It is my greatest joy to share the story of my miracle and a few of the lessons that it has bought into my life to share with others on the spiritual path.

Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing truly is profound and magical in its ability to move you from one place to another, to clear your multidimensional wounding both past/present, balance your bodies, your yin/yang energies, purify your ego, open your heart and raise your frequency to anchor your lightbody and embody your gifts and talents – with your dedication. This healing process effectively places you right smack bang in the center of your spiritual contract! My healing journey in the initial three years of my connecting with my healing gifts is truly a testimony to this fact.

Not only has Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing awakened me, assisted with my continuing ascension journey, and changed my life and career in every way, but it has also gifted me with profound “healings” of my own physical body and faith (which is vital for someone with Chiron in Pisces). The most significant personal healing I have experienced has been a BIG MIRACLE, quite biblical in its nature.

On the 21st of December 2005 in a surreal moment that I will never forget, my 99% blind left eye began to see again after 18 years of blindness! A COMPLETE MIRACLE that suddenly exploded the size of my visual world! At that moment, my already expanded definition of reality further grew, as did my already strong faith in Spirit and the magical properties of Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing.

My optometrist has since confirmed that my body has regrown a retina and that the new retina is now growing the relevant surface aspects required for sight (which theoretically is indeed impossible and something she had not seen or heard of in her entire 15 years of practice) she has been able to measure my new sight so that a contact lens could be chosen to assist my brain in re-jigging back to 3D vision and she is continuing to be very surprised to measure significant improvement in the quality of my vision …. It is a true miracle!

The background to this miracle

The set-up began in 1988 at the age of 20, when my life changed in a morning. You see I had awoken after suffering from a migraine during the night, to discover that I was completely blind in my left eye (feminine eye). Without going into the details I can say that my doctors thought any number of terrible terminal things could be happening and evacuated me to Flinders Medical University in Adelaide. After two weeks of tests, I learned that I had suffered an occlusion in the artery to my retina – the professor sat my father and I down and told us that my retina was dead and my body was now discarding it, that I would never see again in my left eye. Further he also stated that technology would never get to a stage where they could transplant a retina, because they would never be able to connect up all the nerves to the brain.

This was shocking news and my life changed dramatically. The 180 degrees of vision that we all enjoy with two eyes was now suddenly only 100 degrees, I had lost distance and depth perception. Now just walking around was a chore and I had to relearn to do many simple things like pouring a glass of water, walking up and down stairs, driving etc. My hi-performance representative sporting life ended and I was married with a new baby within a year – thanks to the fear in the face of my mortality “that I may die before being married and having children!” Anyway life went on and to be honest, I adapted quickly, most people had no idea I was blind unless I told them.

As you know I awakened in 2002, with the assistance of frequency healing and certainly to a large extent the divine timing of my awakening coinciding with the vital transition of the Earth and humanity into the fifth dimension, in the three years that followed I awakened very rapidly, perfectly as I was contracted to do – this in itself is nothing extra-ordinary in today’s miraculous times, seriously any dedicated person can choose to move quickly along the ascension path with the new energy and tools now available to us.

By late 2005 I had studied and was mastering a Frequency Healing modality (this modality started my journey of re-connection to my own flavor of healing & unique healing gifts - that have evolved to become the process that I now call Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing), I had reconnected to the Goddess in many profound ways, worked with healed and integrated my Divine Feminine aspect (could that have something to do with my miracle?). I was full-time in Service to the God/Goddess as a teacher/healer, as contracted I had indeed become a bridge between the old and new worlds for those people I worked with.

In addition to my eyesight, I can also say that my health, in general, has very much benefited by working with my frequency healing gifts; I no longer get migraines which often crippled my life from the age of 13, I no longer take daily medication for migraines, my chiropractic visits are no longer due to pain but rather for prevention and are much less frequent, I can stop motion-sickness in its tracks, have cured in hours infections such as UTI and conjunctivitis without any medication or intervention and much more…

Back to my miracle and the lessons it offered

So on that miraculous evening of 21st of December 2005, while having a relaxing swim in my pool I realised, in a surreal moment that I will never forget, that my blind eye was actually “seeing” and best of all seeing a great deal!!! A COMPLETE MIRACLE that suddenly exploded the size of my visual world! At that moment my definition of reality further expanded, as did my already strong faith in Spirit and the energy I facilitate.

Looking back I could see more clearly then ever before, just how perfect every aspect of my life – even the tough bits had been! I thought “I couldn’t have set up a better gift of faith for myself as a healer, at this critical time of my life, if I had tried!”

Of course it is no surprise to many of you that the majority of my family and friends over the preceding years had actually said, “they would believe in my new work as a healer – when I fixed my eye”…. So here was a golden opportunity to shift their consciousness and inspire them to begin their own journey…. WOW! It was a literal, physical and measurable – REALITY that could not be denied, or could it?

Herein came the unexpected twist. What transpired amazed me – despite my optometrist confirming I had somehow regrown a retina and it was now growing the relevant surface aspects required for sight (which theoretically is indeed impossible and something she had not seen or heard of in her entire 15 years of practice) and even her ability to measure my new sight and provide me with a contact lens to assist the vision …. despite my miracle which had me jumping out of my skin with excitement, wonder, bliss, and joy - those I loved simply could not believe the miracle and share in my joy! I quickly allowed the shock of their disbelief to whittle away my bliss.

I quickly discovered just how disempowering the ego is and how strongly it will fight to protect itself. I discovered that the average unawakened person could not see that which they believe to be impossible and they certainly cannot allow for miracles – even when the REALITY is right in front of their eyes, literal and physical. The unready mind when confronted with such a literal event cannot access joy or faith or increase their consciousness; rather they go into denial, avoidance, and even spiritual crisis.

Many members of my family and several friends avoided speaking about the situation or even acknowledging it. They avoided me, some attempted to figure out how this could be or even went so far as to say I was performing some sort of optical illusion/trick, or bless them tried to instill fear into its “rightful” location by telling me that I “should be very careful and better go to the doctor to find out what is wrong?” My life-partner was so confronted he literally disappeared from my life!

My mind cried out – “can’t you see this miracle, I can see – my goodness it is BIBLICAL!!!! I am healthier and happier than I have ever been – HELLO?” I felt alone in my joy, isolated from the world, and experienced extreme sadness for those I loved, as I realised that they had lost the ability to believe in Miracles.

I remembered the story of Columbus’s Ships coming into the Caribbean and how the Indians couldn't see them until the Shaman whom they trusted – described the ships to them, at which point the ships miraculously appeared….

I asked, “Why is it that I awakened when I saw and experienced something my mind couldn't deny was real, despite the event being para-logical to my beliefs at the time? Why was it that these people couldn't take that step?” I entered the dark night of the soul, but only for a few days, then I came back into balance and accepted yet again the ascension journey and its perfection. Accepting again, that you can’t see until you are at the frequency to see, that when the student is ready only then will the teacher appear, be seen and heard… not before.

So now I have re-balanced and realise that this gift of faith was mostly for me. Just as importantly, my miracle is there for those with whom I am contracted to meet and who need a little encouragement and faith!

I can absolutely say that everything is indeed happening perfectly always, that everything and anything is possible when it comes to healing the human being and soul – we are designed to heal and rejuvenate ourselves, and Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing as the 7th-dimensional healing energy is one profoundly effective tool we can all access and use to achieve whatever it is our soul and the God/Goddess intends for us.

Kyrona Hope

April 2006

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