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Part 9 - In my 42nd Year - my life changes direction once more!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Kyrona July 2013

In 2010 in my 42nd year as I journeyed through my midlife transits (all in one incredible year) – Master Thoth and Lord Melchizadek started communing with me regularly – teaching me, guiding me and initiating me through several levels of mastership, in preparation for the work to come.

Both these masters had been present on and off at significant moments since I awakened in 2000 stepping in to oversee or actually perform energy upgrades within me, to activate DNA lightcodes or to give me profound messages. The communications at this time were significantly different, firstly they were manifesting in front of me & they were now talking to me as if I were a colleague – it was clear to me that that I had achieved some benchmark in my self-mastery journey and that now they had a goal for me. Suddenly the meaning and purpose of all their previous connections with me started to become clear – I was starting to see the big picture.

There is one such previous connection that I would like to share with you, for it goes a long way to explaining why I am so passionate about the service I offer at this time. To this day this event guides me ever so strongly, especially when I am feeling a little overwhelmed or even a touch scarred by the tasks at hand. This event occurred in a dream state early in 2000, it was no dream – it was very real, and to this day the dream and its message are 100% fresh in my memory.


In this dream, I was leading a large community of people, almost like a nation of people – people of all different nationalities and demographics. As we walked the weather turned ominous, the skies were darkly clouded, and there was rolling thunder. We had come to a halt in our path forward as we had come to the banks of an enormous lake – we could not see its end to the left or right, we could, however, see the other side way out in the distance. The lake was dark – almost black to look at, it was rough too because the weather had made many big waves upon it. Everyone in the group sensed great danger lurking underneath it, it was scary. Anyway – at this point in the dream Thoth in the form of a black dog (which is how he used to present himself to me way back then) came to my side and said that I had to get into the water and get to the other side. I was really scared and said that it would be full of sharks and other dangerous creatures that would hurt me. He just gently nudged me forward. As I walked to the lake's edge – everyone watching me, I found I had a surfboard in my hands. I put this into the water, balanced myself upon it, and started to move forward. Every hand I put into the water created great fear within me, for I was certain that it would be bitten off. I even saw shark fins moving around me. The entire time, the dog paddled alongside me, urging me forward, showing me I was protected. About halfway across I realised I was no longer fearful and swiftly then made it to the other side. I was exhausted as I exited the water. The dog had walked onto the land before me. To my left was a huge stand of ‘bleachers’ you know the kind you see at a sporting event that those watching the event sit on. Well, there I stood looking all bedraggled, soaking wet, and tired, and the dog just stood in front of me looking deeply into my eyes with his big dark incredibly wise/loving human eyes. He then said to me – go over there stand on the very top of the bleachers and start calling the people across, tell them it is OK, explain to them how they too can do it, support & encourage them as they journey across. And that was the dream...

Of course, this is what I have been doing through my life of service ever since, and what my current work is so much about.

So what were they asking me to do in 2010.

Well Melchizadek was overseeing my physical/etheric transformation, while Thoth was teaching me.

Thoth gave me a great understanding of what my light language was and the technology behind it. I came to both see and understand how light language impacts the earth and each individual's physical/etheric body. Thoth took me to many Ancient Mystery Schools on and off the planet, with him I particularly spent a lot of time in Amenti and also The Ancient Egyptian Thoth Mystery School. Here he taught me how to conduct Divine Blueprint Ceremonies & much more – all of which I was shown was supported by Lord Melchizadek also. Thoth took me on journeys into our Solar System and beyond to commune intimately with the planetary & starry beings – it was truly wonderful and at times a bit mind-blowing... there was a lot of resting going on in between lessons!

I was reconnected to the work I had done in Ancient Lemuria, Early & Late Atlantis, and in the Thoth Mystery School of Ancient Egypt (in much greater detail than ever before). I realised that the work I was performing in these times, was indeed the same work I was to perform now, that I was to re-introduce this technology and wisdom to our Earth as she entered the new golden age. In particular to help activate and initiate many of those Priests/Priestesses and Wisdom Holders who had been a part of these Golden Ages and were now seeded here on the Earth plane once more, to re-awaken to their gifts in service. That I had taken the journey to the other side of the lake (to a 5th-dimensional consciousness & beyond) and that the work I was to be doing from this time forth was to help all others I connected with to also step into that lake and journey across it – hopefully with more grace, ease, and speed! Also to help all those Priests & Priestesses begin to connect and work together – to embody unity consciousness in the ways I was guided.

Kyrona Channelling Diamond Valley 2010

All throughout this time, I had been working with an Etheric Pyramid of Light I was anchoring on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. My family and I had been moved from location to location – suddenly and unexpectedly each time – each time divinely guided and miraculously handled (albeit very stressful)! You can listen to poem I wrote after one of these unexpected relocations called REBIRTH - and see pictures of these amazing grid-points here. I had come to realise that the Pyramid on the Sunshine Coast I was working was an important grid point that was reawakening on our Earth & reconnecting to its power. I had lived in it’s very centre, on all its edges and on its very highest peak during 2010-2012. We had cleared a Lemurian Grid Point at its centre, anchored a new city of light at its peak in Maleny overlooking the Glass House Mountains, lived above an ancient Atlantean Crystal Generator that was re-activating - in deep forest overlooking Kundallila Falls, and worked with ever increasing frequencies from a power portal by the ocean at Noosa Heads & the with the incredible energies of Mt Coolum... our relocations during this time were truly profound & there was no accident that I had been living and working with this pyramidal energy as I reconnected to, anchored and rebirthed my gifts, then anchored and founded the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light and its star temple the Celestial Temple.

The Celestial Resonance Academy of Light

It was actually in May 2011 with a new golden age literally birthing onto our beloved Earth, that Thoth activated my DNA and initiated me in order that I could co-create/ manifest the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL) into reality. At this time the CRAOL exists as a multi-dimensional etheric pyramidal hologram projected from within my DNA.

The CRAOL is energetically connected to and supported by the Thoth Mystery School of Ancient Egypt and operates synergistically alongside several other such sacred centers of love, light and learning. It is both supported and overseen by Master Thoth and Lord Melchizadek.

It is amazing to me to realise that it was through supporting the re-activation of the etheric pyramid of light in Australia, that I was synergistically supported to literally connect up my DNA to inter-dimensional grid points, to cosmic realms & grid points and to embody the pyramidal energy that allows me to now anchor and establish the CRAOL onto the Earth.

The CRAOL became a physical reality in October of 2011 and continues to evolve, grow and anchor itself into our new fifth dimensional reality. It is a vital fractal upon the golden bridge of light that now connects our old and our new world.

This Academy is a potent and transformative portal of pure potentiality! A loving and nurturing, high-frequency sacred space, supporting awakened souls and those in spiritual service. Through the Academy I offer empowering, uplifting and transformational ceremonies/events /group activities & WORKSHOPS. All of which have weaved within them the incredible technology of Celestial Resonance Light Language and are greatly supported by not only Thoth & Melchizedek, but also by the Elohim, many other celestial consciousnesses, higher realms & high-frequency grid points/portals. These activities all facilitate the full realisation of the power of one’s Divine Blueprint, the activation of one’s DNA light codes, the full integration of one’s lightbody, merkabah mastery, and alignment with celestial flow.

Through my DNA and the light language that I channel, the energy of the Academy, and the beings supporting it, the CRAOL is now attracting many lightworkers and star seeds who have been a part of the Ancient Mystery Schools & Star Temples it connects to. It is a wonderful and exciting, liberating, and exhilarating time!

The Celestial Temple rises once more.

In February 2012 the star temple within the CRAOL, known as the Celestial Temple re-established itself in this reality, rising like the Phoenix, creating a high-frequency sacred meeting place where many gather from all over the world in circle, love & unity. All who enter the Celestial Temple are wrapped in its loving embrace, finding a moment to BREATH and BE, to recover and rejuvenate, to receive understanding, support, AND to experience amazing cosmic magical mystery tours!

This high-frequency star temple, as well as, all the opportunities, resources, and services it makes available to members – focus on supporting members individual growth and mastership – facilitating realisation of true potential, life purpose, and the soul's highest calling. Along the way members deeply experience the joy and wonder of Cosmic Consciousness, while actively supporting the Earth & all of humanity.

The Celestial Temple can be accessed via the Members Area on this site. It is through the Celestial Temple that members from all over the world now join as one, in personal and planetary service, to share incredible Monthly Celestial Resonance Attunement Journeys and connect intimately with the celestial realms, planetary and starry beings. During these journeys we attune to the energies of the beings we connect with and of all the alignments of the month ahead, thereby aligning with the celestial flow OR ‘evolutionary imperative’ of the month – supporting the re-patterning of our energy as needed and activating our DNA, raising our frequency and consciousness ever higher.

Through the Celestial Temple members are supported to become consciously aware of the key astrological highlights of the month ahead and to discover how each astrological event may be impacting us all. They also discover tips on how they can best support themselves to navigate the energies in an empowered fashion. Even more excitingly, as they connect with The Monthly Celestial Resonance Attunement Journey and its powerful light language activation, they are supported to deeply attune to and integrate the frequencies being gifted to us by the astrological alignments of the month. In this way members truly do maximise the benefits of the celestial flow, minimise challenges and connect with divine timing.

2013 - onwards we go to a Stargate?

On October 31st 2012 my family and I relocated to the stargate of Ubud - Bali. Here we held space for the completion of 2012, which was an incredible experience I will never be able to describe!

It was on 21st December 2012 - that I was instructed by Master Thoth that I was to bring forth 3 workshops in the new year (2013)! I was shocked initially and wanted to know what they were to be? In 5 minutes he gave me the outline for all 3 workshops - and to my amazement it was all the information he had been giving me since 2010! These workshops had been one of the goals all along, to support humanity to embody unity consciousness and more importantly Cosmic Consciousness in their daily lives. While also spreading the frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance far and wide across the planet!

In March 2013 - I very successfully, launched 3 workshops! These workshops are now offered online and face-to-face. Individuals from every continent have graduated as Star Priestesses/Priests, as Initiated Celestial Resonance Channels & as Certified Divine Blueprint Practitioners! What an incredible joy this is for me. The workshops are:

I have also been overjoyed to see in 2013 my YouTube Channel passed 100,000 views - Celestial Resonance Healing Song has now been weaving around the world non-stop for years!!!

So as you can now understand the services and ceremonies offered by myself through the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light and its star temple the ‘Celestial Temple’ have been worked with in other Golden Ages, however, they are at this time so very new and absolutely unique.

The Celestial Resonance Academy of Light is continuing to evolve, grow and anchor itself even more fully into our new fifth-dimensional reality. There are so many exciting new experiences to be shared in times to come!

And as I know all too well - as far as my journey goes, I have only just scratched the surface!!

Kyrona Unity Hope

December 31, 2013

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