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Part 6 - Mystery School Kona Hawaii

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


January 27th 2007: I have had so many requests for information in relation to my journey to a Mystery School held on the Big Island of Hawaii, that I have decided to place my Testimonial online (it was written early morning on the day before the school completed and presented to the wonderful group of graduates at that time). This testimonial really is the best way I can think of to possible try to communicate my experiences at this life-changing penultimate event! Words are really not capable of expressing just how much it has impacted me, how much it meant to me and how much I will value the experience always! So please enjoy.

(The Mystery School Graduates.... an unforgettable re-union of souls, connections that will never be forgotten. How blessed we have all been.)

Mystery School - Kona Hawaii - January 2007 PURGATORY IN PARADISE:

"Where am I, who am I and what the ____ just happened to me?"

"I pen this testimonial on my balcony, in a room that now feels like home, overlooking the beautiful gardens, cobalt ocean, watching the whales at play (yes right now here in front of me) and listening to the waves rolling in.

I am thinking back over the remarkable and undeniably life-changing journey I have experienced during this Mystery School and contemplating how I could possibly do it justice here.

To begin I have a deep knowing that the last few weeks despite their intensity and revelations are only the beginning of this next level of my self-mastery. Just as I have experienced the sunset in all its glory over the ocean every evening and heard the waves roll in endlessly every day - the intensity of their songs rising and falling with the elements, I have a deep knowing that the wisdom, gifts, and talents, keys and codes, I have accessed and gridded in this powerful and sacred location on the Big Island of Hawaii, will over the next two years filter into my reality and consciousness more and more.

I came without a pre-conceived idea of what I would experience here, other than the knowledge that I would take another exciting journey towards the mysteries of alchemy as it relates to humanity and ascension - what I have experienced in addition to this has BLOWN me away!

It has been a profound personal, energetic journey through sacred sights and cultures of this world, past, present, and multi-dimensional, that has forever changed YET AGAIN my perception and understanding of myself and the reality I co-exist and co-create within.

My most powerful personal Mystery School experiences have been - in no particular order;

  • The Temple of Solomon Initiation and receiving my Mystery School Wand - a journey that will last a lifetime in my memory and heart, due to the profound connectedness to Spirit and the emotions of love and honouring that flowed through me - a glorious reconnection, that I sensed for not only myself but for every soul in the room - WE TRULY WERE MASTERS RE-UNITING.

  • The American Indian Shamanic Trance - well what can I say...... a deep and intense purification process (is one way of putting it)! It knocked me for six for a couple of days - as I processed a deep suppressed emotional wound, that I realised over following days had created a pattern throughout my entire adult life! Well that is now clearing and will truly empower my future, hard work but VITAL!

  • Swimming in the deep cobalt ocean with a pod of hundreds of wild dolphins - what bliss! What realisations. To hear them communicating, to watch them and be a part of their unique and beautiful holographic reality that co-exists so well with our own. Oh the light as it streamed in magical beams from above cascading down into the depths of that miraculous ocean creating rainbows and weaving magic! I WILL NEVER FORGET it! The energetic impact of that experience and the up-close-and personal whale experience an hour later yet again knocked me off my feet - I was exhausted and had to sleep - remarkable.

  • To the Star of David extended Gridding Day - my diary reads "A sublime brilliant, remarkable reconnective gift" that says it all..... I went home - was hard to come back....

  • Now I must not forget the day spent delving into and reconnecting on a whole new level (believe me) to the mysteries of Lemuria and Atlantis! How awesome and profound. I loved it, loved it, loved it! As for the crystal meditation that followed: I was overjoyed to finally re-enter the Elemental Kingdom, flown in on my own celestial blue unicorn.... it has changed my life and I am forever grateful! This experience alone would have satisfied me as an outcome of my Mystery School experience.

  • The Pyramid Soul Initiation - sure didn't predict that experience....mmmhhh not even close.... I reconnected, realised so much in that short time, cleared my block to the whole Egyptian words... just "what the >>>>"! Profound that much I know - I will need time on this one.

  • Now I mustn't forget the grid point of the Big Island.... The VOLCANO "Goddess Pele" - to experience the awesome power of nature, the lava flats (so purifying), the cobalt ocean (that I swam in daily), the inspiring and moving sunsets, the beautiful beaches (that I walked on every morning before class), the thickest deepest forests and rejuvenating waterfalls, the trees (especially one particular sacred grove), the seahorses, dolphins, whales and wow - the starry nights and the moon that curves on the horizontal (as opposed to our vertical). The support of these elements has been absolutely perfect and necessary - I cannot imagine that we could have survived this experience, cleared and opened so much without their support!

Finally, I have to express the joy, honour and gratitude I experienced in having the opportunity to be a part of this first Mystery School. To realise every person present needed each other to fulfill their destiny in that moment and that we had all been here before. To really feel the unity.

The last words channeled through for me in Mystery School were..."You have begun your destiny and purpose!” I need say no more."

So there is my attempt at trying to explain the journey I have just undertaken - a gift for my efforts in recent years without a doubt I earned it!

My absolute calling to be there was undeniable, cellular, truly pre-ordained in every way, my getting there truly displayed to me in real terms how much spirit provides for me in my life of service (the finances manifested miraculously for this single mother, with 2 children in high-school and supported by my service only), my being there was so deeply fulfilling on a soul level - a completion despite only being the beginning.... my heart overflows with love and gratitude and a sense of oneness with all that is... may it continue to grow."

Kyrona, January 27th 2007

The stunning sunset views over Hapuna Bay, from our balcony, complete with whale spouts!

Swimming with the wild dolphin pod, was a life-changing experience I will never forget! They heard my light language and flocked to me - such confirmation!

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