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Part 1 - Setting the Scene of My Journey

“When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Kyrona in her healing room 2005

April 2006... and so I begin, telling of my journey!

My existence on this planet at this time is no accident. My spiritual wisdom, my healing, and communications gifts and talents have all been bought through into this life for a purpose. The events that have played out in my life both good and not so good, the inspiring teachers I have met, people who have entered and exited, in fact, every aspect of my journey to date, with the wisdom of retrospect and a spiritual perspective, has been divinely orchestrated and perfect. I have been shown by Spirit that I am LOVE and that I am here to BE a bridge between the old and new worlds, the old way of being and the new way of being.

As a teacher and healer, I know that I was and am destined to experience the awakening and ascension journey in its fullest capacity, with all its extremity, complexity, initiations, ups, downs, miracles, and joys. I understand that for me to have become enabled to best assist and guide others along their journey with compassion, understanding, wisdom, and passion, my unique journey has been necessary. I know that no matter what is happening, all is happening for my highest good, that I am safe, and that every aspect of my life is ultimately about love, purification, increasing my frequency, building my faith, trust, skills, and reconnecting, so that I can be of the greatest service to Spirit, Earth, and humanity.

The perfection of every aspect of our individual lives and the unending nature of our souls' evolutionary journey is fundamental to everyone! The roads we take are uniquely different, the road-blocks are different, our wounds/gifts and talents, likes and dislikes are all unique, the faces entering and leaving vary, how far along the road we are varies, but the objective and destination of our individual journeys are all ultimately the same. The perfection of each and every road, as well as, each and every step upon each and every road IS absolute. Despite the differences in our journeys, the process of ascension of the human body and consciousness is divine, profound, and the same for all.

I have been told many times that MY JOURNEY IS THE STORY I HAVE TO TELL at this critical time of Earth and human evolution. As such I am always aware that I need to walk the talk and lead by example. I need to make the right decisions and not the easy ones. It surely is about love, faith, trust, and courage.

So I continue forward, guided and supported as always by Spirit, stepping out in faith, speaking my truth and sharing my knowledge, working through my limitations and my initiations, picking myself up, dusting myself off, learning, and starting over again when I fall. Being human I fall often, I have come to the realisation that being spiritual does not mean being a saint and never making mistakes, if I made no mistakes and was perfect I would not be living a human life, I would be an ascended master!

I continue forward here, as I am guided to do at this time, despite my discomfort in sharing my story with the world so openly. It is my intention and hope that my story so far (a summarised overview of course, as there is no way I could put it all into words) will put a face to the profound change and transmutation that is possible at this time of transition and that it will both inspire and assist all who are guided to read it.

If you are not aware that you are a spiritual being having a human journey, if you feel that spirituality, alternative healing modalities, and everything to do with the New Age / Metaphysical movement is “completely weird or fantastical’, ‘controversial” and “a hoax that preys upon the weak and impressionable” I urge you to read on and think again! If awakening and all the changes that come with it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone and it IS happening now to more and more people! Human frequency and consciousness are increasing, science and spirituality are indeed merging and I now have the assistance of scientific evidence to support many of my beliefs! It is time for humanity and you to awaken and take the next step toward your destiny.

I am awestruck and overjoyed to be here on Earth, aware, observing, and participating in this most remarkable, divinely orchestrated vital transition into the fifth-dimensional reality that is heralded by the Age of Aquarius.

“It is important to understand the “I AM THAT I AM”. All that you seek is already within you - acknowledge IT, own IT and in that very moment the reality of IT is manifest in your world. Mastership is about faith, owning your divinity, increasing your frequency and doing!”

Kyrona 2016

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