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Part 4 - Transformation

The Transformation in Real-Life Terms (2003-06)

Kyrona '2006'

As I have begun this story & written the first 4 parts here in this now moment of April 2006, it is hard to believe that my “remembering” occurred only three and one-half years ago, it has surely been lifetimes of evolution! The new energy is allowing us to grow so rapidly now if we choose, we are supported and we can all do it!

Since my awakening I have been meditating, reading, work-shopping, downloading, learning, and growing, actively choosing to increase my frequency and step into the new world with excitement and passion. As I have moved forward in faith people, circumstances and opportunities have entered my life at perfect moments. Every time I have resisted change or held back because of fears and limitations, my “big universal stick” as I like to call it has materialised and “clipped me around the ankles” or I have been given a “wake-up” call.

Today I have moved out of that inner city life into a more peaceful semi-rural setting. I have graduated and am now mastering the Frequency Healing process – that I am told I have worked with in other lives on and off the planet. My healing frequencies have greatly assisted my healing, empowerment, and self-mastery.

I am healthy, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I suffered from a virus or illness - it has been years! I have dramatically increased my frequency and anchored my lightbody. Certainly, I have experienced my fair share of lightbody symptoms, but with my healing gifts, these are quickly shifted.

I have successfully made the transition from being employed in the corporate world to being self-employed full-time in service to humanity as a transformational healer and teacher. I am living in my contract. I have even embraced my divinity, my destiny, and my spiritual name of Kyrona, leaving the old name behind with my old life. I have naturally let many friends and acquaintances leave my life, but they have been replaced with many new wonderful soul connections.

Now don’t for one minute think it has been all smooth sailing and happy days! That is certainly not the case, but what I can definitely say is that I would not change a thing and it has all been worth it! I am very excited about the journey and the changes happening on our planet at the moment, I am awestruck and overjoyed to be here now, to be an aware observer and active participant! I now tell this aspect of my story, the real “bridgework” as I like to think of it, the aspect of my story that really helps people understand what the journey from the old to the new world is all about and how it affects your everyday life in real terms.

This is a story of consciously manifesting my new world life “to date”, with both divine guidance and support. It is my intent that this story will impart some of the lessons I have learned about letting change enter your life and evolving, to assist you, your friends, family, or clients to take ACTION and cross the bridge into your new worlds and the lives you were all destined to live, whatever shape that takes.

Kyrona April 2006


"Little did I know when writing the first five installments of this story in 2006 that I had not even scratched the surface, certainly I was not at my destination!

As I continue to add installments to this story every couple of years I find myself thinking and saying the same thing, over and over again... "I thought I was there, little did I know there was so much more to come!"

Nowadays I realise we are all an eternal work in progress! Absolutely whole and complete wherever we are at in any moment - yet ever-changing!

The TRUTH is that the more I know, the more I know I don't know.

I am a work in progress & will continue to grow, change and evolve until the day I return to spirit! As we all will... "

And as such my unending story continues...

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