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Part 2: Venus Morning Star at the 1st Gate of Authority- Crown Chakra Initiation

Venus is sharing the mysteries of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light & Promise with YOU!

(Affecting YOU from July 16 to Aug 13, 2020 )

YOU are now commencing a very special Celestial Resonance Living Light Language life-affirming transformational journey with Kyrona to deepen your connection to your Divine Feminine Energy & move it to a higher octave, in a way that has not been experienced since the last golden age!  We have reached the 1st gate of Authority!  The focus is on the Crown Chakra!


This article discusses: –

1. The importance of the Venus Cycle & her journey as the GEMINI Goddess.

2. About the 1st Gate of Authority & this Celestial Resonance Transmission.

3. About the Crown Chakra. When it is Balanced & Imbalanced.

4. Healing Tips, Tools & Wisdom to support you to balance your Crown Chakra.

5. Experience the Venus 1st Gate Morning Star Transmission (scroll to the bottom)

1. About the Current Gemini Venus Cycle

The current Venus Cycle dates: June 9, 2020 - January 13, 2022

In this her Gemini METAGODDESS CYCLE - Venus as the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light and Promise is supporting the emergence of the Magical Goddess and Child within each of us, bringing the spirit of play, imagination, co-creative alchemy, shapeshifter skills, and magical consciousness alive within us so we can join others in shapeshifting fear into playful people power to co-create our New Earth.

The Gemini Goddess is also known as Iris or Ix Chel the Rainbow Goddess, Seshat the great scribe, Changing Woman who marries the medicine of feminine and masculine within and helps us navigate change, Barnumbirr the Yolngu Aboriginal Goddess who casts the Songlines across the dreaming land, Mistress of Magic accomplishing impossible things, among many others.

2. About the 7th Gate of Authority

As Venus (The Goddess Innana) reaches this the 1st Gate she surrenders her ROYAL CROWN to the gatekeeper, surrendering her connection to heaven & her divinity!

Consciously attuning and flowing with this cycle at this moment allows you to become aware of/and clear any blocks/imbalances/ distortions you have in your Crown Chakra, returning them to optimal function, perhaps for the first time in this life, in order to heal and empower yourself!

3. About the Crown Chakra

When your Crown Chakra is functioning optimally

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. It is the mediating point between physical reality and Spirit. Its color is Violet/White. It is responsible for intuitive knowing (claircognizance), integration & wholeness. It supports us to live in the present moment. It influences the Pituitary & Pineal glands, the nervous system, the cerebral cortex, the right eye, and muscular, and skeletal systems.

All your energy systems are functioning well, you have a lot of energy and are balanced. You can easily connect with the divine and with nature. You have total access to your unconscious and subconscious mind, to source, to divine wisdom & intelligence. You are fully connected to your Higher Self. You experience unwavering faith, trust, and the ability to create miracles

When your Crown Chakra is Blocked or Unbalanced

You feel disconnected from the unified field of all creation, causing a feeling that there is not enough. You feel disconnected from a sense of purpose, meaning, and identity. You may well feel frustrated, depressed, and disempowered. You may have destructive behavior, an inappropriate sexual expression that ranges from being overly passionate to being withdrawn. There is often an inability to make decisions, stress levels are high, worry is common and there is an overall lack of joy in your life. Chronic exhaustion with no discernible physical cause, skin disorders, muscular and skeletal system diseases, sensitivity to light, sound, and environmental illnesses.

Vital Steps you can take to support healing your Crown Chakra

Here is a list of suggested activities that you can work with to support your healing journey! This is just to get you started, follow your guidance always!

– Work with this Venus 1st Gate (scroll down) and this year’s FREE GIFT

- Get out under the night sky, look up and bath in the celestial frequencies, connect to Venus & feel her activating your Crown Chakra.

- Meditate daily, connect to the Power of Now, get in the Gap...

Clear your chakras energetically regularly – it's just like cleaning your teeth. If you are not sure how to access my chakra healing e-book or my 'Chakra Clearing Balancing and Rejuvenation' Light Langauge Meditation Journey.

- Work with the Violet Flame daily

- Working with crystals such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond, Purple Flourite & Sugilite or any other you are attracted to for this purpose.

- Working with essential oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Lotus & Lavender.

Learn how to communicate with your higher self. I have a powerful process I teach in the pre-training of Divine Blueprint Self Mastery.

Become my PATRON and receive Free Light Language & Light Code Activations to support your attunement.

– IF YOU WANT TO REALLY SUPPORT YOUR HEALING & MASTERSHIP JOURNEY – consider stepping in for a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Session with me!

4. The Venus Morning Star 1st Gate Celestial Resonance Healing Journey

Working with this transmission daily during this time will profoundly support you to heal and balance your Crown Chakra to empower your conscious evolution and co-creativity! It will greatly support you to attune to and strengthen your Sacred Feminine energy.

This is a healing tool that will never die, it will always connect you to Venus and her journey through the 1st Gate as she descends into the underworld as the Morning Star, to support you to receive whatever you need in the NOW moment as you attune to the archetypal “overtone” of each and every Venus Synodic Cycle hereafter.

(Note: see below, to become a patron and receive the transmission for free)


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