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Spica and Arcturus - Behenian Stars & the Sacred Relationship

Updated: Aug 8, 2023


Spica and Arcturus are both magical Behenian Stars that work together as a feminine masculine dynamic duo in sacred relationship when we connect and work with them ceremonially.

Spica (24 Libra o6) is the fixed star located in the hand of the Virgin Priestess and is associated with the divine feminine and has the idea that we reap what we sow.

The fixed star Arcturus (24 Libra 30) and is viewed as the guardian of the divine feminine, thought of often as being related to King Arthur leading his people to freedom and victory with the sword of truth, the sword of divine authority and kingship, also known as Excalibur.

Spica and Arcturus are zodiacally linked at 24 Libra and together represent a powerful symbol of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine harmoniously working together as conscious equals – not equal the same but equal in the value they bring.
A healing tool of excellence!

Whenever planets are with these stars it is a great time to tune into the light codes of conscious equal partnership that are intended to support our growth toward unity consciousness. One is not better than the other. Each is connected to the greater whole.

The Sacred Marriage unites the opposites and reminds us that we are all connected to the ONE source of all that is. Be sure to feel into my SACRED MARRIAGE CELESTIAL RESONANCE HEALING TOOL (details below), it will greatly support you with this activation.

It is also true that ‘woman gives birth to man’ and as such he would not exist without her. Man is here to protect the woman and support her, so she can bestow her gifts upon him and the world at large. This is a truth that is ready to once more become reality, how the world will change when it does!


2021 Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 26 at 25 Libra 28 within less than 2 degrees of Spica Mercury Stations Direct Oct 18 at 10 Libra 07

Mercury is exact with Spica and Arcturus on: Sep 21 while Mercury is Direct getting ready to station retrograde Oct 01 while Mercury is Retrograde Nov 01 after Mercury goes Direct on October 18. 2028 Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 19 at 18 Libra 35 Mercury Stations Direct Oct 11 at 13 Libra 28

2029 Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 02 at 01 Libra 49 Mercury Stations Direct Sep 24 at 17 Virgo 26

2033 Mercury Stations Retrograde Oct 16 at 14 Scorpio 16 Mercury Stations Direct Nov 06 at 28 Libra 26

2034 Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 29 at 28 Libra 06 Mercury Stations Direct Oct 21 at 12 Libra 41

This information was adapted by me, from wisdom shared by a dear friend and teacher Cayelin Castelle.



This Celestial Resonance Transmission will support you with revealing and embodying the Sacred Marriage within and without, at this time and for the rest of your life.

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