Part 12: Venus Evening Star at the 2nd Gate of Creativity - Sacral Chakra Initiation

Venus is sharing the mysteries of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light & Promise with YOU!

(Affecting YOU from June 11/12, 2021 to July 12/13, 2021)

YOU are now continuing your potent Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transformational journey with Kyrona & Venus. YOU have reached the 2nd Gate of Creativity on your journey with Venus as she rises as the Evening Star reclaiming healthy ways of valuing herself, her gifts & the gift of life itself. You are also called to open fully to your ability to experience pleasure, joy & abundance, to your ability to freely create, thrive & manifest the resources you require to realise your dreams/destiny!

This article discusses: –

1. The importance of the Venus Cycle & her journey as the GEMINI Goddess.

2. About the 2nd Gate of Creativity & this Celestial Resonance Transmission.

3. About the Sacral/Navel Chakra. When it is Balanced & Imbalanced.

4. Healing Tips, Tools & Wisdom’s to support you to balance your Sacral Chakra.

5. Experience the Venus 2nd Gate Evening Star Transmission *AUDIO* (scroll to the bottom)

1. About the Current Gemini Venus Cycle

The current Venus Cycle dates: June 9, 2020 - January 13, 2022

In this her Gemini METAGODDESS CYCLE - Venus as the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light and Promise is supporting the emergence of the Magical Goddess and Child within each of us, bringing the spirit of play, imagination, co-creative alchemy, shapeshifter skills, and magical consciousness alive within us so we can join others in shapeshifting fear into playful people power to co-create our New Earth.

The Gemini Goddess is also known as Iris or Ix Chel the Rainbow Goddess, Seshat the great scribe, Changing Woman who marries the medicine of feminine and masculine within and helps us navigate change, Barnumbirr the Yolngu Aboriginal Goddess who casts the Songlines across the dreaming land, Mistress of Magic accomplishing impossible things, among many others.

2. About the 2nd Gate of Creativity

The Initiatory ‘Venus Synodic Cycle’ Journey Continues NOW! Rising with Venus as the Evening Star we have reached the 2nd Gate of Creativity! The focus is on the SACRAL Chakra (also known as the Navel Chakra)!

Venus (The Goddess Inanna) connects to the 2nd Gate and retrieves her Ankle Bracelets from the gatekeeper. This action symbolises her conscious choice to reclaim all the healthy ways she values herself. To fully own her Divine Feminine Creative Power and her mastership of the Mysteries of Sex and Money!

So this Venus Cycle Gate can be quite enlivening and pleasurable as she rises! But within this, you may still find you are facing personal demons & clearing imbalances, or anything that remains to hinder your full expression & personal power as it relates to the Sacral Chakra.

You may find yourself releasing the wounding/distortion you may hold within that is stopping you from fully opening to receive pleasure (including orgasmic sexual/sensual pleasure), to feeling joy in all areas of your life. Releasing all that is holding you back from experiencing your full creativity & the full flow of ecstatic life force energy. You may have any imbalances with regards to your relationship with money being shown to you, so that you may get conscious and choose to clear wounding/distortion around the energy of money in your life! So that you may open to your ability to magnetically attract & manifest all that you need to thrive and realise your desires/destiny in this life journey!

This is a very significant moment in Venus’s 584 day Synodic Cycle! Consciously attuning and flowing with this cycle at this moment allows you to become aware of/and clear any remaining wounds/blocks/imbalances/ distortions you have in your Sacral Chakra AND very importantly support yourself to return this chakra to optimal function, perhaps for the first time in this life, in order to heal and empower yourself through the mysteries of Personal Creativity and Ecstatic Life Force Energy!

Desire is the engine of creation. It is the apex of our expanding consciousness. It infuses us with the courage to do the most noble acts, to sacrifice, and pursue, and wrest ourselves away from darkness to move into the light. It can drive us to madness, despair, and disabling doubt. Desire steers our pleasure pursuits of food, sex, joy, self- expression, and connection. Through our wanting, we come to know more of ourselves, each other, and life. Desire is at the root of our divine impulse to evolve. Desire leads the way home.”
from The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul – By Danielle LaPorte

Money and Life Force Energy – “Our relationship with money is a metaphor for our relationship with all forms of energy: time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, and the support of friends. How you do money is how you do life!”
From The Energy of Money – By Maria Nemeth

3. About the Sacral Chakra