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Part 5.1 - I beleive in miracles & they believe in me! 'Blind will See - Update 2010'

November 4th 2010 "From the depths of the void, I tenderly and hesitantly emerge – to SEE more clearly, a brilliant personal healing miracle greeting me!"

So in the interests of keeping it REAL my soul friends I have a tale to tell.

My 2 younger children & I out walking in the flood waters on our property! Not drowning – waving! Coming up for air! Brisbane floods 2010

Ready…. the truth is that it is not always blissful, love and light in my world (although in recent years there has certainly been a lot of that!!.

Over the last month I have had a personally challenging journey that has indeed completed itself with unexpected miraculous brilliance! Over recent weeks I have felt as if I were about to explode, mind, body and soul! I have felt lost, alone, separate from source. I have wondered who I am, why I am here, and where I am going. I have felt myself to be a failure. I have struggled to like myself as my shadow self danced in front of me demanding attention. I have cringed as old long outdated patterns and emotions have once again emerged to be addressed and released. I have felt so much anxiety, anger, grief, fear, and extreme tiredness – that my nervous system has been pushed to the limits. I have consistently dragged myself up, gaining perspective and peace for a brief moment, buoyed by the wisdom of experience knowing that the process I am going through is transitory – taking a breath. Only to be once again pulled even deeper into the depths of my being, the void, by the undercurrent of change that flows through my being. I have surrendered over and over and over again, to the point that 3 weeks ago I stopped everything… yes everything other than eating, drinking, feeding my family, and looking after my baby girl, surrendering in trust that this whirlpool I was in would indeed spit me out from within its depths right where I needed to end up!

So what has been happening to me?

The simple answer is the hard work side of ascension – it is unavoidable at times and must be jumped into head-on! So in this amazing power year of astrology with Grand Cardinal Crosses aligning with the Super Galactic Centre, and right now with Venus transiting the underground in Scorpio – I have been traversing the majority of my midlife transits. The energy of 2010 alone has been massive for the Earth and humanity to traverse, but as if that were not enough…. my soul went and chose to align with these energetic portals during my midlife transits. To cram pack personal evolutionary milestones that for most span up to 5 years into 1 year, in order to capitalise on those Grand Cardinal Crosses! I have not finished my transits yet either, I know that ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’, so I am sure there is more to tell some other time.

Most of this year has been remarkably exciting, despite its intensity and deep clearing. Certainly this year has had dramatic up and down events and moments, somehow always seemingly worth the effort. As I traversed each shift I have seen another gift, wisdom or aspect of service unveil itself to me – I wondered at the mastery and ascension process weaving its way through my life at this time. And as I have been studying astrology this year, I have marveled at the astounding roadmap that our individual blueprints (in the form of our natal astrological chart) gives each of us to support us to navigate our lives. Wonder aside, I can honestly say that during the last few weeks I have had moments when I was angry with myself for setting myself up in this way, despite my conscious trust that I would not have given myself something I couldn’t handle!

  • Thank Heavens that I am a healer able to support my physical/etheric/light body through this time,

  • Thank Heavens I have had the ancient wisdoms of astrology and my Mentor Alison Rae to support me to fully benefit from this evolutionary milestone, to understand on a conscious level what is occurring and to minimise the struggle as much as possible,

  • Thank Heavens spirit relocated me to my divinely nurturing 70 acres of rain-forest for this year, and

  • Thank Heavens I have had my husband to support me unconditionally and my baby girl to smile at me and hug me!

Anyway – as I have said I am not out of the woods yet, much adventure, death, rebirth and transformation to come!!!



My healing Lermuian Gridpoint througout 2010 – on 70 acres of rainforest!

Ok, so yesterday I awakened determined to put a smile on my dial and have a good day. Unfortunately, I found myself extremely emotional and depressed most of the day, just going through the motions, while continuing to surrender to the deep clearing going on within me, very aware of it even able to see what it was and feel/observe it releasing. Then last night as I enjoyed a vegetarian stir raw with my family, I experienced a moment of surreal wonder! Out of the fog of my depression, I realised something was very different…. I took a moment….and double-checked… and yes it was definitely true I was seeing a great deal more out of my left eye than I have done for over 20 years!!!

In that second I realised that all the karmic clearing, the DNA reweaving, the emotional clearing and healing that I have been traversing over recent weeks had come to its completion, with my body absorbing frequencies and raising its vibration, my retina had ignited to a new level of life within me!

So when I say healing miracle it literally is….. on 21 December 2005 I experienced the first stage of this miracle, when after 18 years of complete blindness I discovered overnight that I had regained peripheral vision in that eye ! A feat that doctors had told me over and over was medically impossible, because it would require my body to regrow a retina and start wiring it up to my brain. You see when I was 20 I had experienced a migraine, that had caused a stroke to my retina – killing it, leaving me blinded instantly and ultimately resulting in my retina shrivelling up and being discarded from my physical body! But on 21 December 2005 I was shown that the human body can heal itself of anything – that there are no limits if it is our souls destiny to do so! I was given my own gift of faith as a healer; show that by accessing our Divine Right to Self Heal and working with our energetic bodies, especially our light body and DNA, that we could indeed heal all. My journey of healing inspired me and has inspired many others! I encourage you to read about this journey and the other amazing lessons it taught me in my article“Do You Beleive In Miracles”.

My eyesight in 2005 regained approximately 15 degrees of peripheral vision overnight, but wow what a huge difference that made to my world…. it continued improving for a few weeks and then seemed to plateau. I had decided that this improvement may well have been the extent of my miracle and certainly was content with that. Then yesterday, some 5 years later – my peripheral vision jumped from 15 to 80 degrees overnight!! I again experienced a dramatic instant difference in my experience of the world! Simultaneously of course, my depression lifted, and wonder engulfed me on so many levels. For my eyes healing journey, the job is certainly far from complete, my growing retina still requires a macula and fibula pit – so that I can get central vision and clarity, but believe me the vision I have now regained makes an enormous difference to my experience of the world!!! This healing and my sight is perfectly absolutely impossible according to the medical profession and every optometrist I have talked to, yet HERE IT IS perfectly absolutely demonstrably real according to my reality!

So to pass on the gift to you, I offer this wisdom;

  • Know that whenever life seems to be unbearably dark and bleak, that you are approaching a dawn of magnificence! It is always darkest before the dawn. So on some level when you are in that place, hold a light of excitement at what gift may be awaiting you and know it will arrive soon.

  • Know that everything is able to be healed – there truly are no limits in this life. Access the right frequencies, hold the right intent, do the work, walk the path and healing will come if it is destined to.

  • Know that everything is always happening perfectly – even when you can’t see it in the now. Know that you will indeed see the perfection at some point in the future.

  • Know that you are never alone – it is the biggest illusion of all, it is the nature of our humanness and we are healing this disconnection right NOW.

  • Know that you are the creator of your reality, you chose your journey and continue to choose your reality every moment of every day – you have free will. You can choose to change and it will be so.

  • Know that miracles are REAL, allow them into your reality and see them in your life – IF YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES THEY WILL BELIEVE IN YOU!!

I urge anyone who may be struggling with health and wellbeing at this point in time to contemplate stepping in for a Mastery and Ascension Activation and Attunement Session with me. They will support you to clear, shift and evolve, stepping into the life you are destined to live at this miraculous time!

My heart to yours, my soul to yours,

Kyrona Unity Hope

November 2010

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