Part 11: Venus Evening Star at the 1st Gate of Manifestation- Base Chakra Initiation

Updated: Jun 23

Venus is sharing the mysteries of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light & Promise with YOU!

(Affecting YOU from 12 May, 2021 to June 11, 2021)

YOU are now continuing your potent Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transformational journey with Kyrona & Venus. Venus has left the underworld & YOU have reached the 1st Gate of Manifestation on your Ascension journey with Venus the Evening Star. It is time to reclaim your Royal Robes, to regain your life force and all your earthly power. To step fully into your power as a co-creator of your reality & our new world!

This article discusses: –

1. The importance of the Venus Cycle & her journey as the GEMINI Goddess.

2. About the 1st Gate of Manifestation & this Celestial Resonance Transmission.

3. About the Base Chakra. When it is Balanced & Imbalanced.

4. Healing Tips, Tools & Wisdom’s to support you to balance your Base/Root Chakra.

5. Experience the Venus 1st Gate Evening Star Transmission *AUDIO* (scroll to the bottom)

1. About the Current Gemini Venus Cycle

The current Venus Cycle dates: June 9, 2020 - January 13, 2022

In this her Gemini METAGODDESS CYCLE - Venus as the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light and Promise is supporting the emergence of the Magical Goddess and Child within each of us, bringing the spirit of play, imagination, co-creative alchemy, shapeshifter skills, and magical consciousness alive within us so we can join others in shapeshifting fear into playful people power to co-create our New Earth.

The Gemini Goddess is also known as Iris or Ix Chel the Rainbow Goddess, Seshat the great scribe, Changing Woman who marries the medicine of feminine and masculine within and helps us navigate change, Barnumbirr the Yolngu Aboriginal Goddess who casts the Songlines across the dreaming land, Mistress of Magic accomplishing impossible things, among many others.

2. About the 1st Gate of Manifestation

We have ascended with Venus from the Underworld & now reach the 1st Gate of MANIFESTATION! The focus is on the BASE & EARTH STAR Chakras!

Venus (The Goddess Inanna) now retrieves her royal robe, or her Garment of Ladyship, that she surrendered to the Gatekeeper as she reached the 7th Gate as the Morning Star on her descent into the underworld. Having reclaimed her royal robe, she now regains her life force and all her earthly power!

She now shifts in frequency, embodying a new level of consciousness and mastery, as she opens to her Divine Feminine Power of Manifestation, coming to fully understand the Mysteries of successfully being in the physical body, being grounded, feeling safe, and connected to the Earth! To fully realise her ability as the co-creator of her reality & our world… “to dream the world into reality”.

My friends at this truly magnificent celebratory moment, we are truly “enlivened”, catapulted forward, in a potent co-creative power portal, receiving precious gifts beyond measure! So do be conscious of this moment and be sure to be clear in relation to what you wish to co-create & then to seed it well, tending to your dream seeds with your imaginings, words, actions, and ceremony!

Do know that as we rise once more moving through the initiatory gates with Venus, we will still encounter those personal “demons” we have become aware of during our profound descent and underworld journey with Venus. Understand that the patterns/fears/wounds that you have become aware of and have worked on healing, transmuting releasing up until now, will be presented to you again… But at this ascension moment, as we rise with Venus through each gate, our intent shifts to integrating these “personal demons” into our being, as our allies in our life journey!

We can consider this ‘rising phase’ of the Venus Synodic Cycle as the time for becoming aware of and opening to the silver lining that comes with each demon! To opening to the wisdom, character, strength, knowingness & healing techniques you have gained as a result of your journey with your personal “demons” during the descent & underworld phase of the synodic cycle.

3. About the Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is about Life Force Energy /Feeling Safe / Centered/ Belonging.

The base chakra is also known as the root chakra. It is the foundation upon which every other body system relies for stability. It is the primary source of usable energy, dr