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Part 8: Venus Morning Star at the 7th Gate of Manifestation- Base Chakra Initiation

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Venus is sharing the mysteries of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light & Promise with YOU!

(Affecting YOU from Jan 11 21, to Feb 10, 2021)

YOU are now continuing your potent Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transformational journey with Kyrona & Venus. YOU have reached the 7th Gate of Manifestation on your journey with Venus into the Underworld and it is time to release all that is creating fear on any level, that is stopping you from feeling safe & protected in all areas of your life, all that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of belonging to this Earth and all that is stopping your life force energy from being vibrant/strong!

This article discusses: –

1. The importance of the Venus Cycle & her journey as the GEMINI Goddess.

2. About the 7th Gate of Manifestation & this Celestial Resonance Transmission.

3. About the Base Chakra. When it is Balanced & Imbalanced.

4. Healing Tips, Tools & Wisdom’s to support you to balance your Base/Root Chakra.

5. Experience the Venus 7th Gate Morning Star Transmission *AUDIO* (scroll to the bottom)

1. About the Current Gemini Venus Cycle

The current Venus Cycle dates: June 9, 2020 - January 13, 2022

In this her Gemini META GODDESS CYCLE - Venus as the Gemini Rainbow Goddess of Light and Promise is supporting the emergence of the Magical Goddess and Child within each of us, bringing the spirit of play, imagination, co-creative alchemy, shapeshifter skills, and magical consciousness alive within us so we can join others in shapeshifting fear into playful people power to co-create our New Earth.

The Gemini Goddess is also known as Iris or Ix Chel the Rainbow Goddess, Seshat the great scribe, Changing Woman who marries the medicine of feminine and masculine within and helps us navigate change, Barnumbirr the Yolngu Aboriginal Goddess who casts the Songlines across the dreaming land, Mistress of Magic accomplishing impossible things, among many others.

2. About the 7th Gate of Manifestation

Venus (The Goddess Inanna) connects to the 7th Gate and surrenders her Red Royal Robes (her garment of ladyship) to the gatekeeper.  

This action symbolises her conscious choice to surrender her life force energy, and release all the ways she not been fully honouring and nurturing it!  She opens to the Divine Feminine Power of Manifestation, diving into the Mysteries of successfully being in the physical body, being grounded  and connected to the Earth!

So at this gate YOU ARE BEING CALLED to heal imbalances in your Base Chakra (and through this your Earth Star Chakra).  To clear & release old energy patterns, stuck distorted or heavy energies that are connected to your base charka (not only in this physical realm, but throughout all dimensions of and space).  To release all that is creating fear on any level, all that is stopping you from feeling safe and protected in all areas of your life, all that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of belonging to this Earth and your community/tribe, all that is stopping your life force energy from being vibrant and strong!    

My friends at this vital moment, we are very close to the end of our descent into the Underworld.  Venus (and you) are now in the final stages of preparation, you are stripped bare of all the protective garments that no longer serve you.

It is time to surrender completely, in trust and faith, knowing that you are in a powerful Venutian Initiation, prepared now for your underworld journey.  You are dying to who you have thought yourself to be, who you have been, AND opening to the truth of who you REALLY ARE, for the benefit of yourself and the new world we are birthing.  Know that as you emerge from the underworld realms, you will receive precious gift beyond measure.  But first you journey  through the underworld with the Sun (which in fact means we are journeying with the light itself - as we release, purge, die in order to be reborn).

3. About the Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is about Life Force Energy /Feeling Safe / Centered/ Belonging.

The base chakra is also known as the root chakra. It is the foundation upon which every other body system relies for stability. It is the primary source of usable energy, drawn upon in times of danger to supply energy and physical solution to life-threatening problems.

Centering and grounding are key attributes of the base chakra, establishing us firmly within our physical system, alerting us to the world around us, and protecting our energies from depletion. Healthy motivation, an ability to manifest and deal with change. As such the state of our base chakra indicates one’s degree of grounding and focused application in daily activity.

A balanced base chakra is vital if we are to keep a grip on reality. A block or stress within the chakra can lead to feelings of unreality, isolation, or not being able to cope. There may be a sense of pointlessness and an inability to achieve goals.

Our Deepest Fears/Core Wounding: –

For many this chakra holds the energy of our deepest fears, our biggest soul wounding. These things are so often defined by the position of the Centaur CHIRON in our Divine Blueprint – defining the core woundings we can to Earth to heal and through that healing to gift our wisdom back “pass it forward”. As well as our Pluto – whose position in our Divine Blueprint defines our deepest fears and the area of our life where we will most experience the energy of death/rebirth/void. Similarly, when we are in initiation with these planets (due to a transit with them) these themes will be more prominent.

Thus when working with this chakra, especially when working with Celestial Resonance Living Light Language in relation to healing and balancing this chakra, you will absolutely be working with your Chiron Wounding and Pluto energies.

A great affirmation for this chakra is: –

“I am safe and grounded, my life force is strong, I focus my energy in loving and practical ways.”

When your Base Chakra is functioning optimally

When we restore normal activity to the base chakra it increases local and general energy flow to the adjoining glands/organs and systems supporting healing and balance in relation to these areas of the physical body which include: –

– adrenal glands

– colon / rectum

– hip joints, knees, and feet

– bones & circulation

When functioning optimally a person experiences such things as: –

– feeling safe and secure

– being grounded and centered

– healthy sexual expression

– having healthy energetic boundaries

– full of health and vitality

– a healthy family environment

– they are confident and know they belong in the world/community

– they are very connected to nature

– prosperity flows easily to them

– they have get up and go, dreams, ambition, motivation

– they flow with change well

When your Base Chakra is Blocked or Unbalanced

When the Base Chakra is unbalanced a person experiences such things as;

– individuals tend to be anxious, fearful, and worried

– aggressive, irritable, and impatient OR inactive, lazy, impractical, and inefficient

– they may never feel safe and as a result, be very controlling

– they may be blocked from moving ahead & feel they face insurmountable obstacles

– they may feel they never have enough money

– be lacking in drive to achieve goals

– have weight issues (over or underweight)

– experience hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation, fissures

– sexual addiction

– varicose veins and circulation issues

– have mental/emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, feeling isolated, insane, like they don’t belong

– they can be very ungrounded, can be very clumsy and accident-prone (spacial navigation issues)

– they can be frigid or impotent

– adrenal exhaustion

Vital Steps you can take to support healing your Base Chakra

Here is a list of suggested activities that you can work with to support your healing & empowering journey! This is just to get you started, follow your guidance always!

–Work with this 7th Gate Morning Star Transmission. Additionally, a few other great transmissions to work with on this site in relation to this gate are this year’s FREE GIFT and the Ground, Rejuvenation and Dragon Power transmissions (find these transmissions in my shop)

– Connect to the earth element; get barefoot on the ground, lie flat out on the ground, bathe in the sun on a warm rock, hug a tree, walk on the beach, be in nature!

– Dance with intent to ground, activate your energy and receive guidance!

– Clear your chakra’s energetically regularly; it's just like cleaning your teeth. If you are not sure how my chakra healing e-book can help. Or my Chakra Healing, Balancing and Rejuvenation Journey.

- THIS REALLY IS A HUGE INITIATION & NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.  So if you are struggling physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually and are not shifting it successfully yourself at this time, seek external support (as I had to do myself).  I highly recommend booking a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Session with me, it will support you immensely.  

Become my PATRON and receive Free Light Language & Light Code Activations to support your attunement.

2 great questions to ask yourself at this gate are;

Q1 – How am I not honouring and nurturing my life force?

Q2 – In what areas of your life do you not feel safe? Do you not feel enough? Do you fel you have not control or choice over?

With the above questions in mind meditate, ask your higher self, your heat/guides for guidance and insight as to how you can heal these imbalance.

Colours to work with to support your Base Chakra is: red

– Great crystals to work with to support your Base Chakra are; hematite, red jasper, smokey quartz, rhodochrosite, black tourmaline, garnet, red carnelian, chrysocolla (sexuality), obsidian.

– Great Foods to eat to support your Base Chakra are; red apples, beetroot, strawberries, tomatoes, red capsicums, watermelon, rhubarb, radishes, red kidney beans and red lentils. Leafy green vegetables, although not red contain red energy.

– Great Essential Oils to support your Base Chakra are:

For Grounding: vetiver, clary sage, sandalwood, myrrh, fennel, petitgrain and patchouli

For stability: roman chamomile, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, neroli, rosemary, cedarwood, cypress

For strengthening: cedarwood, ginger, marjoram, rosemary, sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, petitgrain

– Other supportive practices include; healthy food/diet, regular exercise, yoga/stretching, tantric practices, pranayama, belly dance, sensual care of your body, rest, listen to your body do more of what feels good and less of what drains you, do what your body/emotions seek to feel nourished

4. The Venus Morning Star 7th Gate Celestial Resonance Healing Journey

This transmission will support you to align with Venus’s 584-day Synodic Cycle and her journey through the 7th Gate until Venus rises again as the evening star.

Working with this transmission daily during this time will profoundly support you to heal your Base & Earth Star chakras. To release all that is creating fear on any level, that is stopping you from feeling safe & protected in all areas of your life, all that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of belonging to this Earth and all that is stopping your life force energy from being vibrant/strong!

It will greatly support you to attune to and strengthen your Sacred Feminine energy.

This is a healing tool that will never die, it will always connect you to Venus and her journey through the 7th Gate as she descends into the Underworld & through the Underworld, to support you to receive whatever you need in the NOW moment as you attune to the archetypal “overtone” of each and every Venus Synodic Cycle hereafter.

It is optimal that you journey with this transmission regularly (at least once per week) as Venus reaches the 7th Gate and moves towards the Underworld!


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